‘Sleep divorce’ improves rest, research finds

New research reveals that More than a third of Americans choose to “sleep divorce” their partners. This trend, highlighted by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz y Carson Dalyprioritize quality when sleeping.

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The concept of “divorce from the dream” involves couples sleeping in separate beds or rooms to improve your night’s rest. This practice Avoid common problems such as snoring, insomnia and different sleeping scheduleswhich can affect the physical health and emotional relationship.

Historically, the idea of ​​sleeping separately is not new. From ancient Roma until the era Victoriancouples have considered separate beds for a variety of reasons, including personal preferences and health needs.

Today, with a renewed focus on the wellbeing and mental health, “Sleep divorce” is being reconsidered as a valid option y beneficial for many couples.

The psychologist And Ford explains that the differences in the biological rhythms and the sleeping problems can make sleeping together less practical. Constant interruptions of rest can lead to unnecessary tensions y affect the quality of daily life.

Recent research supports this idea: a study of the University of Michigan found that sharing a bed can compromise the quality of sleep for both partners, affecting physical and mental health. emotional. In addition, researchers from the University of California They discovered that nights of interrupted sleep may increase arguments between couples.

For many people, separating nighttime rest from Emotional intimacy can be beneficial. As mentioned Tami Shadduck, who chose to sleep separately from her husband due to health and sleep quality issues, “Intimacy is not built while you are unconscious; it is created in the small waking moments“.

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