Konverter, the ally in monitoring and energy saving

Given the energy shortage crisis that the country is facing, there are different solutions such as saving this resource so that companies do not have to stop their operations and do not register monetary losses.

Due to the phenomenon of nearshoringmore and more different companies from around the world are setting up or seeking to do so in the country, but the lack of energy, according to experts on the subject, can lead to the electrical infrastructure not supporting business growth.

Riker Martinez, Operations Manager, Konverter.

“What each user has left to do is save, save energy consumption to somehow guarantee their energy capacity in their operation,” said Riker Martínez, operations manager at Konverter.

Konverter represents two pioneering brands in energy saving and monitoring solutions. In the latter, they are allies of the Janitza company.

With more than 30 years in the market, Janitza manufactures energy meters and, as part of its portfolio, has a development of software which allows monitoring of energy consumption, with such flexibility that it allows incorporating third-party devices, as well as offering the analyst the ideal tools to identify their energy baseline, as well as the savings opportunities offered by the operation of their processes.

“Monitoring energy consumption allows you as a user to have transparency about how all your loads are behaving, identify your baseline, detect energy saving opportunities and develop projects with a very clear return on investment, which will allow you to achieve better consumption,” he said.

Consumption monitoring system at the Main Transformer level, which includes daily energy consumption, heat map, Energy Baseline and Pareto.

The software, with an advanced graphical environment, is the ideal tool that allows the analyst to have, in a single visualization, the necessary information to develop their energy management processes, both in terms of electrical energy consumption, as well as to monitor and measure water, air consumption, gas consumption, energy quality, costs, among other points.

“Once you measure your consumption, you can identify your energy baseline, which is the reference for your consumption, and it even allows you to set your savings goal, and then you detect the savings opportunities themselves, so that by implementing these projects, you now begin to have lower consumption than before, and this allows you to even increase your plant capacity, your productive capacity,” he added.

These meters can also be used to assess or evaluate compliance with the network code in the facility, in order to avoid sanctions, “which is a strong point and which motivates the installation of these monitoring systems,” said Martínez.

Consumption monitoring system at the Main Transformer level, which includes daily energy consumption, demand profile, and heat map.

Konverter represents Janitza in Mexico and is located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and has a presence in different parts of the country, such as Mexico City and Querétaro.

Currently, they have clients in the manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage sectors, among others. However, the use of energy meters is transversal, since it is for all users who are interested in saving energy.

Konverter has the experience to detect savings opportunities early and implement energy projects.

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