Macri after signing the May Pact: “The beginning of the end of this eternal decline”

After having signed the May Pact in Tucumán together with President Javier Milei and a multitude of leaders from various parts of the country, Former president and leader of the PRO, Mauricio Macrimade it clear that from now on “we can look forward.”

Through his social networks, he declared: “For my grandson, my children and the children of all Argentines, I hope that today is the beginning of the end of this eternal decline that has produced corruption and impoverishment in our country“.

I trust that most of the authorities who signed this commitment to the future have done so in earnest, with a deep and honest conviction to change.“If so, we can look forward and have faith that democracy and freedom will lead us to our destiny,” he concluded.


Macri, who was initially rumored to be absent, traveled from Wimbledon, England, where he was attending the tennis Grand Slam, to Tucumán to participate in the event. The other former president who attended was Adolfo Rodríguez Saá from San Luis.

The presence of the former president at the event occurs at a time when there is a strong crisis in the PRO, the party he leads, due to the tension generated with the sector closest to Patricia Bullrichwho currently serves as Minister of Security of the Libertarian Government.

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