Veolia announces project for new water supply source for Tunja

Veolia announces project for new water supply source for Tunja
Veolia announces project for new water supply source for Tunja


At a recent municipal council meeting, William Hernández, manager of Veolia, presented the project for the construction of a new water supply source for the city. This ambitious project, which represents an approximate investment of 54,000 million pesos, seeks to improve water infrastructure and solve historical problems supply in Tunja and surrounding municipalities.

“The municipal council has allowed us a space to discuss the project to build a new source of supply for the city. This is one of the contractual commitments we have as providers,” Hernandez said.

The project, currently under development, is being implemented in stages.Some stages have already been completed, such as the permitting stage and the detailed design of the new supply source and the construction of the pipeline,” explained the manager. The planned infrastructure includes a projected intake for the properties adjacent to the La Copa reservoir.a 18-inch pipeline network about 20 km long, and a new water treatment plant drinking water located north of the cityon land very close to the municipality.

This new source of supply will be connected to the existing distribution system in Tunja, benefiting not only the city, but also nearby municipalities such as Motavita, Oicatá, Chivatá and Cómbita. “We are sharing this project with the municipal administrations of Toca and other municipalities involved, as well as the communities and municipal councils,” Hernández said.

Last year, Veolia conducted a survey of community expectations and requirements regarding the benefits of the project. With this information, They developed a matrix of needs and proposals, and are currently building an action plan. which will be socialized again with the interested communities to evaluate the economic and technical viability of supporting them as compensation for the passage of the project through their municipalities.

Hernandez also addressed concerns about water supply in the region: “There is no imminent risk of shortages today, although we recently faced a climate situation that caused concern. We reached low levels of supply, but we managed to overcome it. It is necessary to have this new source of supply to avoid a more severe climatic event that forces us to ration water, something that we want to avoid in our system.”

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