Ministry of Sports returns to play: audit reflects fiscal findings of $31.493 million

Ministry of Sports returns to play: audit reflects fiscal findings of $31.493 million
Ministry of Sports returns to play: audit reflects fiscal findings of $31.493 million

The Comptroller General’s Office made fiscal findings for $31,493 million, due to irregularities detected in the financial statements of the Ministry of Sports for the 2023 period, which include: the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Income, Statement of Changes in Equity and the notes to the Financial Statements; as well as the Budget Information for the same period.

Among the findings detected in this financial audit, the one with the highest amount was determined by the non-compliance with Inter-Administrative Agreement 1215 of 2023, by the contractor EnTerritorio, specifically in the execution of the first payment for $25,874 million, disbursed by the Ministry of Sport, by not legalizing the documentation that supports its execution.

This situation was caused by the contractor’s failure to comply with the terms of the contract, failures by supervisors, and the lack of timeliness in taking corrective action by the competent officials, affecting the students participating in the Intercollegiate Games for the 2023 period.

Likewise, human talent in territorial entities was affected as a result of repeated non-compliance in their payments. Based on the above, a patrimonial loss of $25,874,521,747 is determined.

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Another finding with a higher fiscal impact was determined due to irregularities in the construction contract L-2023-0889 of November 14, 2023, signed between the municipality of Sopó and Consorcio Deportivo Sopó27 for the “Construction of the athletics track in the La Trinidad Sports Recreation Complex of the municipality of Sopó in the Department of Cundinamarca and within the framework of the inter-administrative agreement COID 916-2023 signed between the Municipality of Sopó and the Ministry of Sports.”

The situation relates to amounts of works paid for without having been executed, for contracts derived from inter-administrative agreements 916, 922 and 937 of 2023, signed by the Ministry of Sports and the Municipalities of Sopó, Bahía Solano and Consacá respectively.

In this case, there was a violation of the supervisory duties, which led to a reduction in the resources available for the project, as well as distrust on the part of the community of the aforementioned municipalities regarding the use of public resources.

The incident caused damage to public property amounting to $5,104,170,772 and has alleged disciplinary and criminal implications.

Other findings revealed low budget execution in the 2023 period, budget reserves with inadequate justification, payments for unexecuted works and poor quality of contracted works, among others.

It should be noted that in the second half of 2024, the CGR will audit the contracts and agreements signed for the implementation of projects aimed at holding the XXII National and Paranational Games in the Coffee Region in 2023.

As a result of this financial audit of the Ministry of Sport, 16 administrative findings were determined, 5 with a fiscal impact of $31,493,104,923, 8 disciplinary, 2 with a request to open a preliminary investigation, 1 with an alleged criminal impact, 1 with a request to open a fiscal administrative sanctioning process.

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