Firefighters from Cordoba will participate in an international competition of rescue at height

Firefighters from Cordoba will participate in an international competition of rescue at height
Firefighters from Cordoba will participate in an international competition of rescue at height

Personnel from the Fire Department (DUAR) will participate in the Technical/Scientific Event of Rescue at Height in Brazil, representing the Police of the province of Córdoba at national and international level. Nine firefighters from Córdoba make up the only unit selected to represent Argentina in the activity to be held in the state of São Paulo.

“During the three days of the event, a congress and training sessions will be held, followed by an Olympics in different locations in the city of San Pablo, in rescue and lifesaving techniques at height,” explained Sergio Cravero, director of the Córdoba Police Fire Department.

For the competition, the team will carry high, heavy and large items such as stretchers, ropes and hard material.

The work of the Córdoba Fire Department is made up of the Police, those who make up the Technical Team for Action in the Event of Catastrophes (ETAC) and those who work on a voluntary basis. Their work not only includes extinguishing fires but also rescue tasks, tracking down missing persons and transporting hazardous materials, tasks for which they are recognized throughout the country.


In pursuit of their final preparation, the team that will participate in the competition has been training for two months, performing exercises at the Bicentennial Lighthouse.

The choice of this location was made because it is one of the tallest buildings in Córdoba, at 100 metres high, according to Jonatan Barrionuevo, the team’s general coordinator.

Firefighters from Córdoba train at the Bicentennial Lighthouse for an international competition in high-altitude rescue. (Government of Córdoba)

Elevation is a determining factor when it comes to the competition. “In Brazil, most buildings are over 100 meters high,” Barrionuevo said of the event venues.

He also explained the reason why these types of rescue exercises are carried out – on an inclined plane: “They are used very often in the city of Córdoba, especially in buildings.”

He also stressed that it is important to participate in this type of international competition to “update ourselves with new techniques and thus be able to provide a good service to society. There, new work methodologies are well known so that the firefighter’s work is more efficient.”

Along the same lines, Cravero highlighted that the entire Police fire department has been trained in different branches in Brazil, Chile and Peru. “We continually provide training and education to the 430 officers so that we can bring the greatest professionalism to all operations for the citizens of Córdoba,” he concluded.

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