Photo of the day: Monarch butterfly, symbol of the deceased and world heritage

Photo of the day: Monarch butterfly, symbol of the deceased and world heritage
Photo of the day: Monarch butterfly, symbol of the deceased and world heritage

FILE – Monarch butterflies perch on branches at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, Calif., Nov. 10, 2021. (AP Photo/Nic Coury, File)

The Photography gives the opportunity to learn more about the world around us, whether by capturing architectural structures, animals, landscapes or people who become protagonists, bringing us closer to an episode imbued with artistic meaning.

In the midst of the insipidity, the image of a corner of Mexico It can be used for entertainment, to relieve your eyesight and to learn new information that could be used to show off in meetings.

This photograph invites us to analyze the greatness of human creativity and the beauty of what is found in the country. Without further ado, below is the image of the dayprovided by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)).

The INAH shows an important aspect of the country through an image. (Sofia Jimenez. INAH)

During the pre-Hispanic era, for the Purépecha culture, the monarch butterfly represented the soul of the deceased who returned to the world of the living, since his arrival coincided with the celebrations in honor of the dead and his colors resembled those of the marigold flowerOther relevant cultures such as the Mexica, Teotihuacan and Mixtec admired the beauty of the monarch butterflies and paid tribute to them in their artistic representations.

During the winter, this beautiful insect migrates from the frozen lands of northern America to our country to complete its reproductive cycle. However, not all butterflies return; the males die, while the fertilized females return to the north. In this way, the butterflies not only complete their life cycle, but also contribute to the fundamental task of fertilizing Mexican forests.

Due to its importance in environmental balance, on July 8, 2008, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve was entered on the list of World Heritage as a natural good.

The country is full of diverse landscapes and culture that enrich it. From pre-Hispanic peoples to the present, it has a varied heritage throughout the territory, which is the fourteenth largest in the world. Although in Mexico the Main language is Spanishhay 67 indigenous languages with which he lives every day.

Deserts, beaches and jungles are some of the diverse ecosystems of Mexicowhich together with the cities, make it possible for each Photo of the day be different from the previous one, without leaving aside its didactic factor.

According to the federal government, there are 189 archaeological sites. Among the most representative are: Teotihuacan, Tajin, Palenque, Tulum and Chichen Itzathe latter considered one of the 7 wonders of the world since 2007 and World Heritagedeclared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1988.

Among other sites listed as World Heritage Sites, there are six natural sites, as well as the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul, located in the state of Campeche. Throughout the 31 states there are 2 thousand historical monuments1,321 museums, 1,976 cultural centers and 111 magical towns.

The images chosen by the INAH show pre-Hispanic pieces, landscapes, murals, ruins, nature, and even corners of the different cities that span from north to south.

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