Businessmen regret the murder of the president of Canainpesca

Businessmen regret the murder of the president of Canainpesca
Businessmen regret the murder of the president of Canainpesca

MEXICO CITY, July 9 (EL UNIVERSAL).- The private sector expressed its concern over the violence in the country and called for clarification of the events surrounding the murder of the president of the National Chamber of the Fishing and Aquaculture Industry (Canainpesca), Minerva Pérez Castro.

The National Agricultural Council (CNA), Canainpesca and the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur) expressed their concern about the acts of violence that are taking place throughout the country.

On the one hand, the CNA and Canainpesca regretted the tragic murder of Pérez Castro, which took place in Baja California, an event that occurred after the leader of the fishing industry denounced extortion in the sector.

“We express our strongest condemnation and repudiation of this act of violence that affects not only our sector, but Mexico as a whole. We demand that the relevant authorities promptly clarify the events and that justice be done. We urge the government to take immediate and effective measures to stop the wave of violence that afflicts those who are dedicated to fishing and aquaculture in our country.”

Both organizations called for unity in the agricultural and fishing sectors to combat insecurity.

Separately, the president of Concanaco Servytur, Octavio de la Torre, condemned “this tragic event, which occurred last night in the El Sauzal de Rodríguez district, Baja California.”

He added that “not only does this represent an irreparable loss for the fishing, commercial and business sectors of our country, but it also shows the need to strengthen security strategies throughout the national territory.”

“It is imperative that concrete measures be taken and actions to prevent and combat crime be strengthened, with special attention to rural areas and urban peripheries where the incidence of crime has shown worrying increases,” explained Pérez Castro.

He added that the Concanaco-Servytur Security Risk Assessment reported that in 26 of the 32 entities, that is, in 78% of them, different forms of extortion are recorded.

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