André Simsch and Alan Becerril win gold with a record in rowing at CONADE Nationals 2024 | National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport | Government

The Mexico City duo made up of André Emil Simsch Flores and Alan Ramsés Becerril González, was crowned in the men’s doubles category 19-23 years 2,000 meters, in the rowing of CONADE Nationals 2024, after breaking the track record of the event, with 6:43.52 minutes and surpassing by almost five seconds the previous mark of 6:48.64.

“I’m very happy because I’ve realized that all the times I’ve gotten up early and all the training, which has been very hard, have been worth it, everything has been useful to win,” said Becerril.

“I have been rowing for eight years. I started at the invitation of an uncle. I was unfamiliar with the sport. At first, I didn’t like it at all, I didn’t find it fun, but as time went by, I started to get the hang of it and now I love it. Rowing is my whole life and the Cuemanco track is like my second home,” said the capital native, who has already won two silver medals and one gold at the 2024 CONADE Nationals.

The 21-year-old rower acknowledged that he has had ups and downs in his sporting career. “In the end, perseverance is the key, and now with these results, I hope to formally join the national team, because I have already been training with them. Sometimes it seems like the road is very narrow, but in the end it is all worth it,” said Alan Becerril.

André Simsch said: “Winning a gold medal always makes you very happy. It is a boat that we hardly row, but here we are with the gold medal and a track record, so I feel very good.”

The 22-year-old rower trains regularly at Club España, six hours a day, and considered that Mexico City is a national power in rowing, because it is always within the top three places.

“I was one of the youngest to join the national team. I have been here since I was 16. My first international competition was the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima and now I was fortunate enough to go to the 2023 Santiago Games and win bronze in the men’s quadruple event. The dream of every athlete is the Olympic Games and I hope to achieve it in this cycle,” he stressed.

Finally, André Simsch said: “Rowing, apart from being a very complete sport, is very beautiful, you can enjoy the landscapes, and you can compete, but what you gain most are friends. Rowing is like that, you have friends, you compete and you can achieve your goals.”

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