He was the “fattest man in the world”, lost 300 kilos and tells what his life is like: “I want to help others”

He was the “fattest man in the world”, lost 300 kilos and tells what his life is like: “I want to help others”
He was the “fattest man in the world”, lost 300 kilos and tells what his life is like: “I want to help others”


When the doctors warned him Paul Mason that he would die before he was 40 due to his excess weight, something of it resonated within him and from then on he decided to completely change his lifestyle. The English man, originally from Ipswich, Suffolk, He was once the world’s fattest person, a painful record he reached when he weighed over 444 kilos. However, thanks to a strict diet, he lost more than 300 kilos, saved his life and now dedicates himself to encouraging people to follow his path.

Obesity is a very common disease in the West, with countries such as the United States and Mexico, among others, standing out daily for the levels of overweight in their populations, according to a recent report by the University of Chile. That is why, faced with the risk of dying from cardiac arrest or multiple organ failure, The 64-year-old man decided to drastically change the course of his life.

Paul came to eat 20,000 calories a day, which in a few years made him the fattest man in the world.(Source: video capture/Thismorning)

In its beginnings, consumed 20,000 calories daily. In just 24 hours he could eat 40 chocolate bars, fast food and fried foods. This made him the fattest person in the United Kingdom and, later and to his dismay, he ranked first in the world. Now, in the framework of the premiere of the documentary The fattest man in the world, spoke with the television program This Morning, He shared his experience and explained that he wants to help others.

As in most cases, Paul started this habit at age 20, when he ate excessively in order to cover up a childhood trauma.. According to what he revealed to the radio station, verbal and physical abuse from his father, a policeman, caused the terrible anguish that led to his obesity. He even said that for three years a woman close to his family sexually abused him when he was a child, which made his emotional state worse.

After several medical visits, the professionals stressed that her lifestyle was unhealthy and that she would not survive to live past 40 years. However, In 2015 he underwent surgery bypass gastric and lost weight to 195 kilosThe word “give up” was not present in his vocabulary.

After gastric bypass surgery, Paul lost weight, but in 2021 he suffered a relapse. He is currently bedridden.(Source: Video capture/This morning)

This was followed by a second surgery to remove the excess skin. At the time, he happily said that he felt “light as a feather.” Paul’s self-esteem was through the roof and this led him to meet an American woman, Rebecca Mountain, and he moved to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to live with her.

They both got married and even indicated that their sex life was “very active,” to the point that They boasted of the good physical and emotional chemistry that existed between the two.

The Englishman claimed that on different occasions suffered relapses, as in 2021 in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. On that occasion he became seriously ill and the firefighters had to carry him out on a tarp. “The body needs time to adapt, and the mind, of course, too. I carried that burden for a long time and had to deal with all the problems surrounding it,” he reflected.

Currently, Paul weighs 160 kilos and is bedridden.He had to build himself a special apartment for his size, but he is happy to no longer be “the fattest man in the world.” “I may not be able to walk again, but that is something that affects me. I just want to use my time to help others and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I did.”he concluded while emphasizing that he began therapy to heal old wounds.


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