The new children’s area of ​​the municipal park of La Solana opens: “We want real inclusivity”

The new children’s area of ​​the municipal park of La Solana opens: “We want real inclusivity”
The new children’s area of ​​the municipal park of La Solana opens: “We want real inclusivity”

A hive of children are already enjoying the renovated children’s area of ​​the municipal park. A space that during the last few months has been completely renovated and equipped with new elements. An inclusive carousel stands out, which emerges as the most striking ‘apparatus’. Precisely its installation has delayed the expected reopening of this area a little longer. The mayor, Luisa Marqueztook a tour of the new facility on Monday in the company of her councillors for the Environment and Social Welfare, Maria Jose Garcia-Cervigon and Toni Ramos.

“This new governing team decided to modify the initial project to provide the area with greater space, safety and accessibility,” said the Environment Minister, who explained the details of the work. The zip line has been removed and the area of ​​anti-impact flooring has been extended, going from 177 to 385 square metres. “We have achieved greater protection and minimized injuries from falls.” The perimeter fence has also been changed and is now made of metal, more robust and requiring less maintenance than the previous wooden one.

Also The number of games available has doubled from five to ten.including petanque. There is an area for younger children that has two swings, one adapted, plus two dynamic games and two modular sets. The other area is designed for older children and has three swings, also one adapted, plus a modular set, two dynamic games and the inclusive carousel. García-Cervigón clarified that the games that have been removed will have a second life. “Those that are in good condition will be cleaned up and relocated to the Viña Botero and Corbatas parks.”

Toñi Ramos discussed the installation of the inclusive carousel and the two adapted swings. This is in response to a proposal from the Local Council for the Disabled, where several associations demanded adapted games for children with reduced mobility. Said and done. “We want real inclusivity, children helping other children to have fun and enjoy themselves,” He added that this inclusiveness will continue to apply to the rest of the parks, as well as to other municipal facilities. He recalled that accessible ramps have already been installed at the Youth House and at the entrance to the Sports Department office in Don Diego, in addition to the removal of more than twenty street poles.

Luisa Márquez expressed her gratitude to her councillors for the Environment and Social Welfare for their dedication, in a demonstration – she said – of teamwork, together with the technicians from the Works department, with Pedro Arce and Santiago de Juan at the head of this work.

The mayor recalled that the project included a nominative subsidy of 175,000 euros from the Provincial Council, dated May 2023, for this children’s park and also for the connection of the industrial estate with Vial-8. And she explained that the delay is due to the fact that the credit was generated in November and mainly because the authorization for this last work did not arrive until last February. “Until Fomento gave the go-ahead, we could not put both projects out to tender.” From then on, everything has been done as quickly as possible, taking into account that the contract was signed at the end of April and the staking out report a month later. “In less than two minutes we have finished the work,” he stressed.

“And nothing is thrown away here”he insisted, because the wooden fence that was removed from Donantes de Sangre park will be relocated, the indoor football pitch in La Veguilla park will be improved, a 3×3 pitch is planned for La Calzada park and geriatric gymnastics elements will also be installed in La Minilla park. Lastly, he announced a plant barrier in the section that joins the Aguja y el Sol roundabout with the Silos roundabout. The objective is twofold: to protect the children who play there and to improve the urban image.

Connection of industrial estates

As for the connection of the industrial estates via the Los Calares road, work has already begun and he stressed its importance in giving functionality to the area. However, he regretted that it is of no use until the problem of the electricity supply on the aforementioned road 8 is resolved. “We are working very hard so that in a few months the business park will be finally up and running, the blockage of which continues to weigh us down.”

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