Ruling on the Machángara River casts doubt on the Quito Municipality

Ruling on the Machángara River casts doubt on the Quito Municipality
Ruling on the Machángara River casts doubt on the Quito Municipality

The non-governmental organization, Permissivereported on the status of the river decontamination process Machangarathis July 9, 2026.

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A judge determined the responsibility of Municipality of Quito in violations of river rights Machangara.

Process to decontaminate the Machángara River

Cristina Reyesan environmental engineer, said that in order to win the lawsuit to declare the Machángara River, as a subject of rightstests were presented showing that the water in the flow is “practically a sewer”.

He said he has more than 26 species of viral pathogens and extremely high levels of pollution.

The judgment seeks that the processes of decontamination of water are continuous, “because the authorities change continuously.”

He pointed out that the Municipality has only executed 25% of the budget until July 1, 2024.

“It is outrageous to hear that there is no budget for the decontamination of the rivers when only 25% is executed halfway through the year.”

Legal proceedings against the Municipality

The lawyer in the case, Ramiro Avilasaid that the sentence should be executed even if the appeal filed by the Municipality of Quito.

He pointed out that the river is a subject of rights and not a street to pavingand must be treated as an equal by the Municipality of Quito.

He stressed that the problem of Machangara It will not be solved with just three plants in Quito, nor with hundreds of small systems plants. biodigestionThere must be a joint strategy to this end.

That’s why he gave the example that the Universidad of the Americas It has a water treatment plant, with which it cleans the vital liquid and converts it urine and the excrement into fertilizer for plants.

This initiative could be replicated in various sectors of the capital, “although the Municipality he said no”.

The engineer said that the action of protection seeks to execute a plan of decontamination for the riversbecause a lot of money has already been wasted on studies to build a large plant that was not built.

For her, the ruling guarantees that the Machangara be an example of how the Municipality can work to decontaminate the river.

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