Unemployment support for Welfare in Edomex: this is how you can register to receive up to 12 thousand pesos

Unemployment support for Welfare in Edomex: this is how you can register to receive up to 12 thousand pesos
Unemployment support for Welfare in Edomex: this is how you can register to receive up to 12 thousand pesos

The support will be delivered monthly through the State of Mexico’s Labor Secretariat (EFE/Isaac Esquivel)

The government of the State of Mexico (Edomex), through the entity’s Labor Secretariat (ST), issued a call for the program of Unemployment Support for Well-Being. With it, they seek to financially support for up to 12 months those who have lost their jobs in the most recent 18 months and the record is now available.

According to the call, people must apply through a registry. If accepted, they may receive a Monthly support of MXN 2 thousandwhich can be delivered in up to six exhibitions, that is, over the course of half a year. In this way, there is the possibility of receiving a total amount by MXN 12 thousand.

It is worth mentioning that in order to receive the money corresponding to the support, people must go through a registration process. Likewise, registering on the platform intended for this purpose will not guarantee that they can receive the support. Thus, interested people must wait for the publication of the results on September 30.

Unemployed people in the State of Mexico will be able to apply for monthly financial support for up to half a year (EFE/ Luis Torres)

As stipulated in the call, those people with Mexican nationality by birth or naturalization, who are over 18 years old, live in the State of Mexico and have become unemployed against their will, may register through two different modalities, that is, in person manner o online.

On the internet, the register will remain open until July 28, 2024 on the official website implemented by the authorities. To register online, you must enter the website of the Ministry of Labor of the State of Mexico and click on the link or banner corresponding to the registration system.

Before continuing, people must ensure that they meet the requirements and the requested documentation. They must then fill out the Single Welfare Form and attach the requested documentation in PDF format.

Registration will remain open until July 28, 2024 and it will be necessary to present these requirements (Edomex Work)

If you choose to register in person, you must complete the procedure on July 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To do so, you must present the requested documentation at one of the following modules:

1. Atlacomulco Regional Employment Office. Ing. Luis Galindo Ruiz Street No. 312, (CROSA), Isidro Fabela neighborhood, CP 50450. Tel.: 712 122 86 04 and 712 120 11 85;

2. Ecatepec Regional Employment Office. Nicolás Bravo Street s/n, La Mora neighborhood (behind the Civic Center), CP 55030. Tel.: 55 5116 79 07 and 55 5770 96 14;

3. Ixtapaluca Regional Employment Office. Municipio Libre Street No. 1, Centro, CP 56530, next to the Municipal Auditorium. Tel.: 55 2606 73 61 and 55 5972 35 88;

4. La Paz Regional Employment Office. Plaza el “Tepozán”, local no. PA-C-13 second floor; with address at av. El Tepozán no. 3, col. Floresta, CP 56420. Tel.: 55 9401 63 11;

5. Naucalpan Regional Employment Office. Av. Juárez No. 39, El Mirador neighborhood, building B, first floor, CP 53050. Tel.: 55 5371 83 99 and 55 9155 23 22;

6. Nezahualcóyotl Regional Employment Office. Av. Sister Juana Ines of the Cross no. 100, letter Q, col. Metropolitana, second section, CP57740.Tels.:55511280 54y55511280 56;

7. San Mateo Atenco Regional Employment Office. Hidalgo Street s/n, San Miguel District, CP 52104. Tel.: 722 941 12 34;

8. Tlalnepantla Regional Employment Office. Av. Hidalgo No. 132, La Romana neighborhood, next to Plaza Milenium, CP 54030. Tel.: 55 5383 31 31 and 55 5319 08 63;

9. Tejupilco Regional Employment Office. Santa Cecilia Street No. 40, (formerly IMPECSA warehouse), Mexico City 68, CP 51412. Tel. 724 267 54 31; and

10. Toluca Regional Employment Office. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Street No. 216, corner with Independencia, Santa Clara neighborhood, CP50090, Tel.: 722 2133330, 722 21314 09 and 722 2131157.

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