Gas pipeline explosion in Brazil leaves 6 injured

Gas pipeline explosion in Brazil leaves 6 injured
Gas pipeline explosion in Brazil leaves 6 injured

A Huge explosion occurred after a gas pipe caught fire on a highway in the state of Pará, north of BrazilThe incident occurred when the transport unit suffered an accident while traveling between the municipalities of Paragominas and Ulianópolis. In view of the imminent danger, the area was guarded by the authorities.

Minutes after the accident, the tanker caught fire.Just as reporters were covering the incident, the gas pipe exploded, leaving a balance of three military firefighters and three members of a communication team from the local environment “SBT Paragominas” injured.

The affected reporters were Alan Nelis, reporter; Wellington Moura, cameraman; and Marcio Lopes, technician. They all suffered burns, but are currently out of danger. thanks to the quick reaction of the emergency services, who rescued them and transferred them to a hospital for medical attention.

SBT Paragominas issued a statement informing that his communications team was about 400 meters away of the pipe when it exploded, right in the isolation perimeter established by the authorities after the first incident.

On the other hand, three Military firefighters suffered first degree burns. Fortunately, They were wearing appropriate protective equipmentwhich minimized the impact of the shock wave generated by the sudden explosion of the tanker truck on the Pará highway.

The video of the explosion has gone viral, showing the exact moment of the blast and the reaction of those present. The images highlight the importance of the use of protective equipment and the rapid intervention of emergency services in high-risk situations.

It is Incident highlights danger of accidents involving flammable materials and the need to follow strict security measures when transporting these products. Authorities are continuing to investigate the causes of the accident in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The rapid action of emergency teams and the correct use of protective equipment prevented a major tragedy in this unfortunate event in the state of Pará, Brazil.

(With information from SBT Paragominas)

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