The overcrowding crisis continues in police stations and URI in Bogotá

The overcrowding crisis continues in police stations and URI in Bogotá
The overcrowding crisis continues in police stations and URI in Bogotá


The Bogotá’s Ombudsman revealed alarming data on overcrowding in the city’s police stations and Immediate Reaction Units (URI). To date, The occupancy in these places exceeds 167%, with a maximum capacity for 1,227 people deprived of liberty.but with a current figure of 3,281.

Since March of this year, the percentage of overcrowding has increased significantly, from 150.29% to 212%. This situation is especially critical at stations such as Bosa, which Today it houses 253 people despite having a capacity for only 35.which represents an overcrowding of 623%.

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At other stations, the situation is equally serious. In Kennedy, there are 395 people when the capacity is 60, resulting in 558% overcrowdingUsaquén station, with a capacity for 10 people, currently houses 59, which is equivalent to overcrowding of 490%.

The Ombudsman also highlighted that There are 588 convicted persons who should be in penitentiary centers, but who remain in the URI and Police stations. This problem is made worse by the fact that these places are not designed for long-term detention. According to regulations, people should only be held in police stations for a few hours, and in URIs for a maximum of 36 hours.

This overcrowding not only represents a violation of human rights, but also raises serious public health and safety concerns. The inadequate conditions in these places could cause situations of violence and spread of diseasesin addition to affecting the physical and psychological integrity of persons deprived of their liberty.

The Ombudsman has made an urgent call to the authorities to immediate measures be taken to alleviate this crisis and guarantee decent conditions for persons deprived of liberty.

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