The Executive presents a training plan in artificial intelligence with 120 million euros

The Executive presents a training plan in artificial intelligence with 120 million euros
The Executive presents a training plan in artificial intelligence with 120 million euros

The Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities have presented a Artificial intelligence training programme worth 120 million eurosAccording to the Executive, this project is part of the renewed Artificial Intelligence Strategy approved last May by the Council of Ministers.

In addition, both organizations have specified that this proposal is part of the National Digital Capabilities Plan, which, in turn, is directly related to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which emphasizes attracting and retaining talent.

The Government has explained in a press release that the objective of this program is ensuring training and digital inclusion both citizens and workers.

Thus, the projects that form part of this initiative must be related to the technological or scientific field related to digitalization, particularly with artificial intelligence. Specifically, they mention areas such as data processing, high-performance computing, cybersecurity, quantum mechanics and robotics.

Finally, the four entities that have benefited from the invitation, published on April 9, have been: the State Agency of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – National Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS), the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research and the Carlos III National Cancer Research Center State Public Sector Foundation.

These organisations met in a first working meeting with the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, Mayte Ledo, the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Universities, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, and the General Manager of, Jesús Herrero. will, in fact, be responsible for channelling the investment and monitoring the project.

The Executive has specified that the programmes derived from this proposal must be structured into projects or lines of research and must include the hiring of technical, pre-doctoral or post-doctoral research staff, as well as technical support staff. In addition, each of these contracts or grants, a total of 374, must comply with a training plan of at least 240 ECTS credits, which will be developed over 48 months.

The projects will be implemented in a period of four years and six months from the date of publication of the resolution.

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