This is how the anti-rape bracelet works

This is how the anti-rape bracelet works
This is how the anti-rape bracelet works

Code 10 10/07/2024 02:58h.

José Miguel Gaona details how the anti-rape bracelet works

There have already been 11 sexual assaults recorded during the Sanfermines and in this context, there are new tools to combat aggression. In this case, ‘Code 10’ tells us about A bracelet with which to detect in a few seconds if someone has adulterated a drink with some type of substance.

This is the sentinel bracelet or anti-rape bracelet, a device that is capable of recognizing up to 20 types of drugs. It costs between three or five euros, depending on whether it also includes a locator.

‘Code 10’ shows how the bracelet works

Psychiatrist José Miguel Gaona explained how it works in ‘Code 10’: “Let’s imagine that we are somewhere, we are with friends, we have gone out and suddenly you start to feel bad and you say ‘Did they put something in my drink?'”

The bracelet shows the result in a few seconds. It has several cells to detect different types of substances and, after removing the protectors, you just have to add a few drops of the drink.

The program tested two drinks, one a normal mixed drink and the other with a reagent, a legal substance obtained in a pharmacy but with characteristics that can be compared to illegal drugs.

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Sure enough, in just a few seconds, an orange circle appeared which determined that the drink had been adulterated with another substance.

But there is more and it is that these bracelets may include a locator And, by simply scanning the QR code, you can contact emergency services and provide your location to receive help.

How the bracelet

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