Assault in Bosa: Student victim of attack by construction workers

Assault in Bosa: Student victim of attack by construction workers
Assault in Bosa: Student victim of attack by construction workers

The Bogotá Education Secretariat condemned a case of alleged sexual violence that would have occurred – according to the complaint – against a minor in a school located in the town of Bosa, in the southwest of the city.

Given this situation, the entity stated that The established care protocols have been implementedproviding support to the family and the educational community.

The Education Secretariat condemned any form of sexual violence that endangers the life and integrity of girls, boys, youth and adolescents.

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“A case has been brought to light in which a minor would have allegedly been the victim of sexual violence. It is suspected that The attackers are workers from a nearby construction site to the educational institution where the child studies,” he said.

According to the entity, it is provided support to the school to activate the corresponding care protocols. Likewise, support has been initiated for both the family and the educational community, with the aim of providing them with the necessary support in this situation.

The affected minor, who is receiving medical attention through the health system, activating the white code, is in stable state in the company of those close to you.

As part of the activated protocol, a complaint has been filed with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nationrequesting an investigation into the facts and the identification of those responsible for this situation.

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“The Secretary of Education is available to collaborate with the competent authorities in the investigations that allow to clarify what happened and protect the affected minor. Likewise, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare will carry out the process of restoring the victim’s rights“, the entity said.

He concluded that the result of the investigation is awaited to determine whether any act against the minor occurred at this school south of the country’s capital.

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