Candidates fear a shaved list in the election for general secretary of section 44 of the oil union

Candidates fear a shaved list in the election for general secretary of section 44 of the oil union
Candidates fear a shaved list in the election for general secretary of section 44 of the oil union

After achieving his record for compete by the general secretary of section 44 of the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic, members of the cherry list, warned of attempts to shave 180 workers from the electoral roll so that not everyone can vote.

Taimir Perales Rodríguez, who heads the list, recalled that next Monday, July 15, the election will take place choice internal, in which just over 3,700 workers have the right to vote.

However, he indicated that, as has happened in elections previous ones, they intend to use a shaved pattern, to favor the actual union leader José Zamudio Aguilera, who is seeking re-election as the head of the blue slate.

“The companions, already tired of so much situation, decided to organize ourselves To make a spreadsheet, the campaign days began on Sunday, ended on Saturday and the elections As of Monday the 15th, the workforce registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is more than 3,700 workerscurrently they are going to carry out a census, subtracting 180 who have not gone to ask for forgiveness.”

“Here it would be a matter of the workersfirst of all, that they support us with that vote that is required to remove them, that they do not have that fear, because at the end of the day those who rule are the majority of the workersfrom the start the no re-election“We don’t want to fall into that trap. We gave them too much confidence because we thought they would defend us, but they totally let us down,” he said.

He pointed out that, currently, to achieve the basifications or some benefits which rightfully belong to them, workers Dissidents are forced to apologize to the actual Secretary General, because otherwise they not only deny them the right to vote, but they hinder their actions.

“For almost 30 years our rights have not been respected. rightsthey have us subjected And now the colleagues who were benefited by the federal government’s base, they had to go ask for forgiveness, so that they continue to be attended to, so to speak, however, precautions must be taken, because those who did not go to ask for forgiveness, will most likely not be able to vote, exercise their right, even though they are deducting a union fee.”

“Then yes we need the support of all our colleagues, we are coming for everyone and be conscious that all of us who are opening up right now, if you don’t support us, our heads will simply be on the guillotine, you will treat us a little worse, you will humiliate us, mistreat us and much less give us our rights“, he lashed out.

It should be noted that, in addition to the maroon and blue form, there is competing also the form blanca, headed by Karla Lemon.

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