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La Jornada – Norma Piña “went to the wrong place” when she asked for dialogue: Monreal

La Jornada – Norma Piña “went to the wrong place” when she asked for dialogue: Monreal
La Jornada – Norma Piña “went to the wrong place” when she asked for dialogue: Monreal

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chis. The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Norma Piña, “chose the wrong stadium, the wrong audience and the wrong place” when she asked for dialogue with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the virtual president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum because it is the legislative branch “that now has all the power to approve, modify and deliberate,” said the Morena senator, Ricardo Monreal.

“I believe that the president (of the SCJN) lacked constitutional integrity, I say this with respect, because she should have asked to dialogue with the legislative branch,” he added when interviewed in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, before participating in the forum on the reform of the judicial branch. “The court is in the legislative branch,” he stressed.

She reiterated that the President of the Republic “has nothing more to do, it is not for any other reason, but he did his job, he presented an initiative and 19 more in a package on February 5 based on his constitutional powers and I think the minister is in the wrong place or forum.”

“I believe that Minister Piña chose the wrong stadium, the wrong auditorium, the wrong place because the president presented his initiative and Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum has not presented any initiative. The initiative that we are deliberating and analyzing is the one we are now here to discuss,” she said.

Monreal said that Norma Piña “should have told the legislators to listen to us because they are the ones who will draft and, if necessary, approve the reform. That is what should be done.”

He said that “what the Chief Justice is saying is that we should listen to them. We are listening to them in the nine forums, and in all of them the Supreme Court ministers have been present to talk about the reform. So, the legislative power is the one that should listen to them. And that is why it seems to me that in the case of the President, he is out of time, but it is up to him whether he will listen to them or not.”

He stressed that the reform of the judiciary “will fundamentally resolve the problem of justice in Mexico. I think that the judiciary is in a bad moment, it has distanced itself from society, it has become corrupt, networks of influence peddling have been established through nepotism. They know this very well. That is why we are listening to them.”

The constitutional reform we are proposing, he added, “is to recover those principles and values ​​established by the Constitution that Mexicans deserve prompt, expeditious, obviously free justice that has time and periods; that people have access to that justice and that nepotism, corruption, influence peddling, the stagnation of powers do not represent that delay in the administration of justice. That is the fundamental purpose of the reform we are promoting.”

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