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These are the hypotheses of the authorities after the murder

These are the hypotheses of the authorities after the murder
These are the hypotheses of the authorities after the murder

Efraín Jaramillo Bedoya was recognized for several decades as the ‘People’s doctor’ in Armenia. The news of his murder has shocked the city’s inhabitants, as he was a man much loved by his patients, who often did not have money to pay him and despite that received the medical attention they needed.

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He earned the nickname ‘People’s Doctor’ for his service to the community through his medical profession, which he practiced in a private practice in the city centre.

For the past two decades, his office was located on Carrera 17 and Calle 16, diagonally across from the Municipal Administrative Center (CAM)and it was there that he attended to hundreds of people who did not have the resources to pay specialists or who could not wait for an appointment at an EPS.

His body was found on Monday in the same place by neighbors who found the door ajar and observed that Jaramillo was tied up and gagged.

A few minutes later, the police who arrived at the scene determined that the 65-year-old doctor no longer had vital signs. The case quickly spread throughout the city and people arrived at the scene to confirm the tragic news.

Efraín Jaramillo Bedoya was recognized for several decades as the ‘People’s Doctor’ in Armenia.


Jaramillo was very loved in the city and enjoyed recognition thanks to his work and his family, which is native of SalentoOne of his six brothers is the owner of one of the most visited restaurants and accommodations in the Cocora Valley.

Jaramillo Bedoya had studied medicine in Mexico, but after his return to Colombia decided to put it at the service of those most in need.

“That’s why his office was not located in the clinics sector of Armenia, where they charge a lot of money for an appointment, but here next to the town, next to the CAM, where the people who don’t have the resources are,” said Fabio Henao, who went to Jaramillo’s medical appointments several times.

Currently He lived in a house in the La Cabaña neighborhood, where the alleged thieves apparently also arrived. who entered the office and stole some belongings. According to some versions, the people involved in the doctor’s death had hit him several times to obtain the code for a safe that was in the office and the keys to his house.

“They stole some items from the victim and there are other material items that are being investigated and that will be made known later as the investigation progresses, which are events that apparently occurred on Saturday and Sunday,” said the Secretary of Government of Armenia, Andrés Buitrago.

According to videos from security cameras in the area, A man and a woman were the last people to see the doctor alive last Saturday and they could be responsible for this crime, since no one was seen entering the office again until this Monday when the body was found.

The authorities’ main hypothesis is that it was a case of theft and that those involved knew the doctor and his movements.

“Apparently, they tried to rob him, or they were trying to commit a theft. To the doctor Efraín Jaramillo “They killed him in his office in the city center,” said the Secretary of Government.


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