These are the economic reactivation plans that the Government presented to businessmen

Caracol News learned the details of the economic recovery plan that the Government presented to business owners. For the remainder of this year alone, there are four sectors covered with investments close to 5 billion pesos.

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The first one is called Paths of Peacewith resources totaling 1.4 billion pesos this year.

What’s included:

  • Community and rural roads ($514,000 million).
  • Accelerate 21 road projects ($633 billion).
  • Prioritize strategic projects ($240 billion).
  • Intervene in 105 river ports ($85 billion).

The second is Energies for Lifewith resources this year of 1.8 billion pesos.

What’s included:

  • Energy communities ($1.5 trillion).
  • Aid for replacing refrigerators and air conditioners in families in strata 1, 2 and 3 ($260,000 million).

Laura Sarabia, director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic (Dapre), said: “This is the first step to unite the efforts we have made individually with multiple meetings, but which will now be divided into sectors.”

The third is Tourism in Harmony with Life and would have investments of more than 720,000 million pesos this year alone.

What’s included:

  • Subsidize the entry of 70,000 tourists to San Andrés this semester ($28 billion).
  • Accelerate disbursements of regional tourism projects ($200 billion).
  • 48 new subsidized Satena routes ($394 billion).
  • Investment in regional aerodromes ($102 billion).

And for the Sustainable Reindustrializationthere will be resources this year for almost half a billion pesos.

What’s included:

  • Support for MSMEs ($300 billion).
  • A line of guarantees for loans to companies ($70 billion).
  • Climate damage insurance ($15 billion).
  • Credits for the purchase of efficient appliances ($100,000 million).

What do unions think about the economic recovery plan proposed by the Government?

Ana María Gómez, president of Asoleche, said that “now what will determine the effectiveness of these meetings is that we can move from words to actions.”

For his part, Jorge Bedoya, president of the Colombian Farmers’ Society, SAC, said that “This requires speed and execution.”

“Because that is another of the points we discussed: budget execution,” he noted.

Other sectors that will be included in this economic reactivation plan are: digital connectivity, housing for life and productive field.

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