CNSC Offers More Than 600 Vacancies To Enter As A Server In 59 Territorial Comptroller’s Offices –

CNSC Offers More Than 600 Vacancies To Enter As A Server In 59 Territorial Comptroller’s Offices –
CNSC Offers More Than 600 Vacancies To Enter As A Server In 59 Territorial Comptroller’s Offices –

The National Civil Service Commission is offering a total of 626 vacancies to enter the public service in 59 comptroller’s offices with a presence throughout the country, through the selection process for Territorial Comptroller’s Offices.

Registration is open from July 11 to August 7, so that any Colombian of legal age who meets the requirements of the job they are interested in can apply for just one of these vacancies, in which 69 vacancies are also offered for people without experience, being an opportunity for young people who have recently graduated or have little professional experience.

Some of the disciplines required for these jobs are Law, Economics, Administration, Public Accounting, Political Science, International Relations, Philosophy, Engineering, Sociology, Social Work, Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Geography, History, Social Communication, Anthropology, among others. While the salary range is from the assistance level with $3,735,415 to the professional level with $8,886.31 (valid for 2023).

Jobs at the care level are to perform administrative support functions in document management, carry out maintenance tasks and minor facility repairs, as well as cleaning, janitorial and cafeteria tasks, administrative and logistical assistance activities for the execution, monitoring, compliance and control of administrative procedures, driving vehicles, among others.

At the technical and professional levels, jobs are offered to support technical-administrative processes, the execution of audits, the processing of complaints and/or claims, the presentation of reports, administrative and financial activities related to human talent management, and activities related to the area of ​​document management, among other functions.

The payment of participation fees has a value of $65,000 (advisory and professional level) and $43,350 (technical and assistance level), which can be paid through Bancolombia or PSE.

These jobs are offered in 59 Territorial Comptroller’s Offices, distributed in 30 departments and 41 municipalities of the country, as follows:

How to take part?

1. Consult the agreement and the annex establishing the rules of the selection process on the CNSC website (Development Processes/Territorial Comptroller’s Offices)

2. Go to the website and click on the SIMO registration system or enter directly through You can also download the SIMO Mobile application, through Play Store, for cell phones with Android system.

3. Register to set your username and password.

4. Consult the job that fits your profile and identify the corresponding Public Career Employment Offer (OPEC) number. Here you will find general information about the position, job duties and specific requirements such as studies and experience.

5. In the control panel (left side) enter the OPEC number or select the call field drop-down list.

6. You can mark as a favorite or select the vacancy of your interest to access the form. Click on the job confirmation button. The payment options for the participation fees will appear.

7. After making the payment, you must formalize your application by clicking on the Registration button. Check the information and click Accept.

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