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Initiative allowed the creation of the new “Educational Innovation Center” to modernize teaching – Diario Mayor

The project is being implemented within the framework of sÚMate and has already begun to be implemented, with the aim of improving teacher development processes, strengthening educational innovation, promoting the inclusion of technology in teaching and becoming a national reference for other educational entities.

THaving an advanced center to modernize teaching at our University, using educational technologies and artificial intelligence, is one of the main objectives of the new Center for Educational Innovation of the Universidad Mayor (CIE_UM)a project that is part of the Academic Sustainability Front, which has already begun to materialize and will have a stronger deployment this second semester of 2024.

With full implementation planned for 2026, covering pre- and postgraduate courses, Cristian Celedón, director of the Center for Educational Innovation and owner of the initiative, commented that the idea is to turn it into an articulating center for the institution’s different internal initiatives, to strengthen and generate better and greater development in the quality of teaching.

“It will be a unit that will enhance the work of our academic teams and strengthen the quality of their teaching work. All activities aimed at these results will be able to function connected thanks to the center, in accordance with the new UM2030 Educational Model and the new academic profile,” said the director.

He added that he also seeks to incorporate new national and international benchmark practices in relation to the training of academic teams, in line with educational innovation.

Units inside the Center

As it develops, this center is expected to have a own innovation and educational technologies laboratorydedicated to the design and advice to modernize learning strategies in careers.

This will be a support for creating teaching materials and methodological strategies adapted to the various areas of study and lines of knowledge that the university covers, in support of student training.

In addition, it will provide comprehensive support to teaching teams in the methodological development of their courses, promoting innovation and the inclusion of advanced technology, both in Santiago and Temuco.

Celedón added that a new one will also be enabled Business Unit to generate technical assistance in external advisory projects. “This will allow us to transfer the practices of the projects we generate internally, in order to acquire resources to strengthen the operation of the center, reinvesting them in teacher training and contributing to the development of the university in general,” he said.


Another of the objectives of the CIE_UM is to become a nationally recognized center of excellence, offering services, training and advice to external institutions linked to the educational field. This includes public and private entities, other universities, the school education system, as well as professionals from the educational sector.

“We want to generate knowledge transfer to the national educational environment, to support other institutions at different levels in training and technical advice, transferring tools, strategies, knowledge and good practices that are established within our University,” said the director.

The company also seeks to position itself as a leader in the search for and implementation of educational innovations at a global level, including the establishment of high-level international networks and collaboration with world-renowned specialists.

“The idea is to share experiences beyond national borders, and we acquire tools from other locations to implement them at U. Mayor,” Celedón concluded, adding that this project marks a significant milestone in the institution’s commitment to academic quality.

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