Three Chihuahuans who won bronze at the Olympics and made history 88 years ago – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Three Chihuahuans who won bronze at the Olympics and made history 88 years ago – El Heraldo de Chihuahua
Three Chihuahuans who won bronze at the Olympics and made history 88 years ago – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

A total of 88 years have passed since the Mexican National Team won the only medal in the Basketball discipline in Berlin 1936, where the Chihuahuans participated. Jesus “Tuto” Olmos, Francisco “Kiko” Martinez and Greer Skousenwho helped to obtain the bronze medal for the tricolor athletes delegation.

It was on August 10th when they achieved the feat, They finished in the top 3 of this competition that was held in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, just before the outbreak of World War II. and the suspension of the next two Olympic games due to the war that swept across the world.

It will be 88 years since that feat that has never been repeated to date. It was precisely in the London edition when basketball debuted as an official discipline, previously it was an exhibition, In the golden age of Chihuahua in this sport, three historic players came together: Jesús “Tuto” Olmos, Francisco “Kiko” Martínez and Greek SkousenAll three were sought after by NBA teams, however, they decided to shine in Mexico and demonstrated their level in the top event.

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The keys did not favor the Mexicans in those Olympic Games, since they had to face the United States in the semifinals, against whom they fell in this instance after a perfect performance against Belgium, the Philippines and Italy, teams that they left behind at the hands of ours. In the third-place game, Mexico defeated Poland by a final score of 26-12.

It was the Americans who stayed with the gold in this sporting event, after they beat Canada in the final, so North America took the entire podium in Berlin, They established themselves as world powers in the sport, although NBA players were not allowed to attend at this time.

In addition to the basketball medal, another Chihuahua native shone in Berlin 1936: Julio Muller Luján, in the discipline of Polo, who climbed onto the winners’ podium. It was another bronze medal that he obtained and put his name in the history books of Mexican sport.

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The war ended and with it the Olympic Games returned, after two editions without being held. London 1948 was the venue where the sporting festival was celebrated. In the United Kingdom, Mexico came close to winning another medal, with historic Chihuahuan players such as Josué Neri Santos, Héctor “Tarzan” Guerrero and Ángel “Mudo” Acuña. All of them belonged to the team that lost in the match for third place against the Brazilian team.

Mexico and the people of Chihuahua were part of the history of Berlin 1936, where several events occurred, such as the controversial case of Jesse Owens, the American athlete who triumphed in the 100, 200, 4 x 100 meter and long jump events, and the alleged myth that Hitler refused to shake the athlete’s hand just because of his skin color.

Currently, the Mexican Basketball Team was left out of the Olympics after losing two of their three matches in the play-offs in Puerto Rico, so it will be 48 years since they have not attended this tournament that brings together the best from all countries since Montreal 1976.

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