Foreign woman explains the difference between celebrating her birthday in Mexico and in Russia

Foreign woman explains the difference between celebrating her birthday in Mexico and in Russia
Foreign woman explains the difference between celebrating her birthday in Mexico and in Russia

Foreigner shares the difference between celebrating her birthday in Mexico and doing so in Russia Credit: Illustrative Image Infobae TikTok/svetlanapustova

The Celebrating a birthday is a very important thing in Mexico.where the celebrated are usually accompanied by their family and friends, in addition to the fact that it is usually a date on which gifts are received, although in some other countries this event can be reached commemorate in a different way.

A young woman originally from Russia shared through her social networks what the difference is between celebrating her birthday in Mexico and doing it in Russia.

Through her TikTok account, the user svetlanapustova shared a video in which he shares the difference that exists between when he celebrates his birthdays in Mexico and when they do it in Russia.

The young foreigner shared a video through her TikTok account Credit: TikTok/svetlanapustova

When the young woman represents in a video how she celebrates her birthday in Russia, she is seen sitting in front of her cake, which contains some candles. After a short song, the Russian he blows on the candles to put them out.

On the other hand, when representing the celebration in Mexico, the scene is exactly the same, the young woman is in front of her cake, but what changes is that instead of calmly blowing out her candles, a hand appears from behind and pushes her against the cake to create the famous “birthday bite”.

The video was shared via TikTok Credits: (TikTok/svetlanapustova)

Some Internet users commented on the matter and some of the things that can be read are: “it is obvious that she had more fun in the Mexican style”, “if you don’t get into the cake, the celebration is not worth it”, “let’s not lose the beautiful customs”, “welcome, you are now Mexican” and “by law you have to buy two cakes”.

In Mexico, the tradition of biting the cake during birthdays is a Deeply rooted practice and festive custom that takes place in almost all celebrations of this type. This custom consists of the person being celebrated leaning towards the cake to take a bite directly, while the other guests chant in unison “Bite, bite!”

This is a practice that has been carried out for several years (Illustrative Image Infobae)

The exact origin of this tradition is not entirely clear, but it is believed to be a mixture of various cultural influences that have evolved over timeSome suggest that it may have roots in pre-Hispanic rituals, although the current form is clearly a modern adaptation.

The practice of biting the cake symbolizes an act of joy, celebration and camaraderie. It is a moment of pure fun that is eagerly awaited during the festival. Often, guests try to gently push the birthday boy or girl so that his or her face comes into contact with the cake, which generates laughter and good humor. This action, although it seems simple, contains an expression of affection and complicity between friends and family.

In addition, the bite of the cake is also a Reflection of the festive and lively character of Mexican celebrationswhere gastronomy, music and traditional rituals come together to create an atmosphere of conviviality and joy. This moment becomes one of the most memorable of the festival, generating anecdotes and laughter that remain in the memory of those attending.

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