How much does a teacher earn in 2024 in Peru and what is the salary scale according to Minedu | ANSWERS

How much does a teacher earn in 2024 in Peru and what is the salary scale according to Minedu | ANSWERS
How much does a teacher earn in 2024 in Peru and what is the salary scale according to Minedu | ANSWERS

The Peruvian Executive has proposed new changes in various measures, everything seems to indicate that there are still some pending. On this occasion, it has been the teacher’s salary that has experienced a significant variation after the officialization of the salary increase for teachers in PeruThis salary proposal aims to recognize the hard work of educators and thus improve their economic conditions. In the following note, you can learn everything that is known about the subject.


In the case of contracted teachers, they receive a monthly salary according to the working hours established for the modality, form, level or cycle in which they provide services. Teachers who work less than the established working hours receive a monthly salary according to the hours of their contract.

For appointed teachers, the Full Monthly Remuneration (RIM) is an amount that is delivered in a general manner based on their teaching scale and work day.


In order to benefit both economically and professionally teachers, professors, and also professionals belonging to the Public Teaching Career (CPM) who provide support to the teacher In its formative and disciplinary activities, the Minedu and the Sutep They agreed to benefit them in 2023 with the exceptional and extraordinary granting of an economic amount amounting to 220 soles.

According to information shared by the single platform of Peruvian State based on the dialogue held by both parties, and within the framework of the collective bargaining agreement 2023-2024 signed, one of the agreements proposed and agreed upon refers and provides that more than half a million teachers appointed and contracted nationwide, receive this new bono with the aim of ensuring the continuity of school classes throughout the country during this period, free education and also the existence of public schools.

It should be noted that, in addition, the S/220 They will be directed towards teachers at schools managed by the Ministry of Defense, and teachers who work in basic education institutions, who, in connection with this great announcement, received another good news about the delivery of a new bono exceptional, but this time equivalent to the S/380 to be paid during the first quarter of 2024.

It is important to clarify that the payment of bono for teachers established for the beginning of next year, must and will begin to be managed before the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), while the S/220 if they can be reflected in the beneficiaries’ bank accounts in a specific month of 2023.

Who are the beneficiaries and how much is the amount of the 2024 School Bonus?

The school bonus is intended for public sector workers. However, not everyone will be able to receive the amount of S/400. Here we tell you who the beneficiaries are.

  • Officials and employees appointed and contracted under the labor regime of Legislative Decree No. 276, Law No. 29944 and Law No. 30512
  • University teachers referred to in Law No. 30220
  • Health personnel referred to in numeral 3.2 of article 3 of Legislative Decree No. 1153
  • permanent and temporary workers in the public sector
  • personnel of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru
  • Pensioners in charge of the State included in the regimes of Law No. 15117, Decree Laws No. 19846 and No. 20530, Supreme Decree No. 051-88-PCM and Law No. 28091
  • Prison workers receive the School Bonus, in accordance with the provisions of numeral 1 of article 24 of Law No. 29709, Law of the Special Public Penitentiary Career
  • Public Sector workers who are under the private activity labor regime receive the School Bonus, in accordance with numeral 7.2 of article 7 of Law No. 31953

What day in March 2024 do school classes start in Peru?

The Minedu presented a report called “Guidelines for the provision of educational services in institutions and educational programs of Basic Education for the year 2024”, which indicates that the start of school classes throughout the country will begin on Monday, March 11 and end on Friday, December 20.

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