Box Office Analysis: More Records for Inside Out 2! |

Box Office Analysis: More Records for Inside Out 2! |
Box Office Analysis: More Records for Inside Out 2! |

This week, Edgar Apanco tells us about the summer box office animations: Inside Out 2 and Despicable Me 4.

Intensely 2 continues to surprise and set box office records after five weeks in theaters. With $1,236.9 million globally (MDD), it is the fifth highest-grossing animated film in history. It is only behind Frozen 2 ($1,495 MDD), Super Mario Bros: The Movie ($1,361 MDD), Frozen ($1,285 MDD) y The Incredibles 2 ($1,243 MDD). During July, Joy, Sadness & Co. will surpass, one by one, these animations. With this trajectory, Intensely 2 has secured $1.55 billion globally, enough for a place in the top 10 of all-time box office hits.

This week, Intensely 2 surpassed Minions ($1.159 billion in 2015), a record for the Despicable Me/Minions franchise. For the first time this year, a film has had four weekends with more than $100 million, and Intensely 2 made $108.3 million, only behind the $148.0 million of Despicable Me 4.

And how was the box office north of the Rio Grande?

In the US, despite fierce competition from Despicable Me 4, Intensely 2 surpassed two recent deliveries of Star Wars: Rogue One ($533.5 MDD, 19th place all time) and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker ($515.2 million, 20th place in history). With its current trajectory, it is also heading for the top 10 in history, surpassing blockbusters as Jurassic World ($653 million USD), currently the 10th highest-grossing film.

It had a dream 4th week, with a drop of just 48% despite the arrival of Gru and his Minions. With $533.6 million, Wednesday will surpass The Lion King ($543.6 million in 2019), and the weekend will surpass Super Mario Bros ($574.9 in 2023) to advance to the top 15 all-time, after a month in theaters.

In 44 international markets, Nostalgia and Younger Emotions fell just 28% this week, totaling $78.3 million and totaling $683.1 million. Its top market is Mexico, with $90.2 million. That figure, in local currency (pesos) makes Intensely 2 in the highest-grossing film in history in Mexico. Its $1.65 billion pesos (MDP) exceed the $1.618 billion of Spider-Man: No Way Homeand could still add another $200 million. With this, it would be the first film in the history of Mexico to surpass $100 million.

Behind Mexico, the top 5 overseas It is completed by Brazil ($55.3 million, 3rd place historically), the United Kingdom ($50.3 million), South Korea ($48.3 million) and Italy ($39.6 million). China is its 6th market, with $35.8 million, and the news is that in its 3rd week it again had minimal declines (21% vs. the previous week). With its current trajectory, Intensely 2 is now targeting $55 million in that territory, the best figure for Pixar in five years.

The good, the bad and the surprise of the week

The good: Despicable Me 4 exceeds forecasts

As we announced, the 6th installment of the most successful animated franchise in history made $148 million globally this week. But beware: it was not its debut, as it had already reached “advanced” territories two weeks earlier. Adding the previous weeks, its global total rises to $229.5 million.

In the US, Despicable Me 4 The film exceeded expectations ($100 million) and made $122.6 million, good for the 9th best debut on the July 4th long weekend. From Friday to Sunday it made $75 million, beating the $72.4 million of its predecessor ($99 million in 5 days). Within the franchise, it was the 2nd best debut, behind My favourite villain 2 ($83.5 million from Friday to Sunday; $143.0 million on long weekends).

On average, each installment of the franchise has multiplied its opening numbers by 2.6x as its final box office. Under that logic, Despicable Me 4 This will be the 4th installment to exceed $300 million in the US and Canada.

In 73 international markets, the box office totaled $73 million. This was possible thanks to its debut in 54 countries, and it still has China, the United Kingdom and Japan pending. Behind the US, its top countries are Australia ($16.2 million, 3rd week), Mexico ($12.6 million, debut) and Argentina ($6.6, 3rd week). Behind it are two more debuts: Brazil ($5.9 million) and Spain ($5.7), and the top 10 is completed by Chile ($5.4), Colombia ($3.4), the Netherlands ($2.6) and Indonesia ($2.6).

The bad thing: phenomena are not always replicable

Angel Studios aimed to replicate the phenomenon of Sound of Freedom this 2024, on the US Independence Day weekend, but it was not possible. After a promising start ($3.6 million on July 4), Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot collapsed and raised $3.2 million over the weekend, for a cumulative total of $6.8 million.

Just for comparison: Sound of freedom made $41.6 million in its first six days ($34.3 million if we cut it to five). This suggests that there will be no other phenomenon like the thriller inspired by real events directed by Mexican Alejandro Monteverde.

The surprise: MaXXXine sneaks into the global top 10

Imitating the desire to eat the world of Mia Goth’s character, MaXXXine had enough numbers to enter the weekly global top 10. The film made $7.8 million in 12 international markets, led by the U.S., where it earned $6.7 million, enough to nearly surpass the combined numbers of its predecessor films, Pearl ($3.1 MDD) y X ($4.3). It also debuted in Mexico, after advancing its release by a week.

In this way, Ti West completes one of A24’s most lucrative cult franchises in history. Pearl y X together they cost $2 million, and MaXXXine $4 million, and the three have so far grossed $33 million, with the goal of finishing above $50 million globally and with hordes of fans who love the actress and the director.

Top 5 global box office

Week 27 of 2024, July 5-7, 2024

Movie Weekly earnings Accumulated Markets
Despicable Me 4 $148,015,000 $229,539,325 74
Intensely 2 $108,300,000 $1,216,923,699 46
A Quiet Place: Day One $42,100,000 $178,155,771 68
A Place Called Silence $39,044,200 $50,728,400 1
Kalki 2898 AD $18,443,374 $109,157,065 42
Data as of July 7, 2024. Source:

To finish… summer accumulated income

  • Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom. $391.0 million (43% raised in the US)
  • Bad Boys: Until Death. $360.1 million (49% in the EU)
  • Garfield: Out and About. $244.8 million (37% in the EU)
  • Imaginary friends (IF). $184.6 million (60% in EU)
  • A Quiet Place: Day One. $178.1 million (53% in the EU)
  • Dangerous profession (The Fall Guy). $175.7 million (52% in the EU)
  • Furiosa: From the Mad Max saga. $171.4 million (39% in the EU)


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