Microsoft employees in China will have to use iPhones

Microsoft employees in China will have to use iPhones
Microsoft employees in China will have to use iPhones

Microsoft employees in China will have to replace the smartphones Android phones they use for work are replaced by iPhones 15 supplied by the company itself. The decision is not due to a simple preference for Apple phones on the part of local managers, but to the necessary security measures in a market as complex as Beijing, where access to the Play Store and other services and external portals is blocked. The gradual transition to the models of the bitten apple will take place from September.

Microsoft no longer has Android phones in China

Starting next September, all Microsoft employees in China will therefore receive shiny iPhone 15s to replace their current ones. smartphones Android provided by the company of the brands Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, OnePlus and Oppo.

As anticipated Bloombergwill be used software Microsoft Authenticator and Identify Pass are being used to authenticate internal services and make it difficult for unwanted agents to access them. This is a necessary measure, given that Android in China is heavily penalized by the government’s Google blocking policy, which forces users to resort to external third-party solutions, to the detriment of security. In addition, there are also important precedents: the last one occurred in 2023, with a breach of the mailboxes of emails exploiting a Microsoft Exchange flaw. Often, threats come from groups that are certainly not so hampered by the local government, so Microsoft is quickly seeking to protect itself with this measure, which should limit exposure to external dangers.

Thus, on the iPhone 15 that Microsoft employees in China receive, it will be possible to download software authentication from a certified source through the App Store for iOS and without having to resort to programs such as VPN (which spoofs geographic location) or external stores.

The decision will also apply to Microsoft offices in Hong Kong, which has fewer restrictions but remains a very sensitive territory.

Article originally published in WIRED Italia. Adapted by Andrei Osornio.

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