CGN rejects Petro’s statement on the constituent assembly

CGN rejects Petro’s statement on the constituent assembly
CGN rejects Petro’s statement on the constituent assembly

The National Trade Union Council (CGN) expressed its rejection to the statement made by President Gustavo Petro in response to the statements of the Federation of Cargo Transporters (Colfecar) regarding the possible convening of a national constituent assembly.

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“The National Trade Union Council rejects the aggressive and polarizing epithets used by the President, since they do not represent this organization and, on the contrary, stigmatize it,” the CGN said in a statement.

The entity also indicated that it should be promoted free expression, free thought and free democratic debate He stressed that the idea that businessmen are representatives of a particular ideological or political group is not only wrong, but also unacceptable.

“The President of the Republic must symbolize national unity and is primarily responsible for ensuring that these objectives are met. Therefore, we reject this type of statement, which is offensive and endangers the members of this trade union organization.“, reads the text.

Along the same lines, the Trade Council mentioned that the statements of the head of State They go against the path of the message that is sought to promote reaching a national agreement and at the same time stigmatizes business representatives.

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What happened between Colfecar and Petro?

To put this into context, the transporters’ union issued a statement in which it expressed its concerns regarding this process, highlighting that it could entail more costs for the State at a time when investment in security and economic recovery should be prioritized.

“Many of the changes required by the National Government do not need to be made through a National Constituent Assembly, but rather through the appropriate mechanisms contained in the 1991 Constitution itself for the development of these, respecting each of the institutions of public power in Colombia,” Colfecar highlighted.

In response, the president pointed out, through his X account, that “The extreme right is attacking the Constituent Assembly because they know that the people will not turn back to the blood and terror of the night. To the chainsaw.”

Petro also added that “The constituent power has been summoned and that has no cost”since “ends the costs of corruption.”

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