Only 63% of emerging businesses achieve certification to access tax benefits

Only 63% of emerging businesses achieve certification to access tax benefits
Only 63% of emerging businesses achieve certification to access tax benefits

The National Innovation Company (Enisa), dependent on the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, has just made public The report The first 1,000 certified startups. A statistical study, carried out in collaboration with the Cotec Foundation, which shows the reality of startups in our country.

Until May of this year, Enisa certified a total of 1,015 emerging companies. A milestone to reflect on the process and better understand the panorama of innovative entrepreneurship in our country, under the framework of Law 28/2022 for the Promotion of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Although these emerging companies are distributed throughout all the autonomous communities, More than 50% are concentrated in Catalonia and the Community of Madrid. This territorial concentration indicates a higher density of innovation and business development in these regions.

In terms of sectoral distribution, the ICT and health sectors represent 25% of the total certified companies, standing out as key areas of innovation. In addition, 52% of certified businesses belong to the most technology-intensive sectors. This reflects a strong orientation towards high technology and advanced knowledge in the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. A significant fact is that 23.4% of companies have potential transformation vectors, highlighting areas such as biotechnology and bioinformatics, which have significant transformative potential to address global problems.

And as far as gender participation is concerned, less than 25% of the managers in these companies are women. However, 42% of certified companies have at least one woman on their management team, and 38% of companies have at least one woman on their shareholders. This underlines the need to continue promoting gender equality at the highest levels of business management and ownership.

Certified startups have shown rapid growth in turnover

After the first year, the average turnover is 76,683 euros per year. As businesses gain age, the average turnover increases significantly, reaching 570,185 euros in the fifth year. This positive trend indicates that las startups certified by Enisa are managing to grow and consolidate themselves in the market. In terms of employment, the average number of employees at certified companies is seven. After the first year, businesses have an average of 2.7 people employed, a figure that increases to 8.3 people employed by the fifth year. This shows that emerging businesses are not only generating revenue but also creating employment opportunities.

Regarding the certification process, 63% of the applications resolved were evaluated favorably. Of the total number of unfavorable applications, 21% did not meet the admission criteria, 8% gave up or did not respond to requests at some stage of the process, and 8% did not demonstrate a sufficient degree of innovation. or a scalable business model. These data reflect the rigor of the Enisa certification process, ensuring that only businesses with a real potential for innovation and growth are certified.

The certification of these emerging companies is not only a recognition of their innovative potential, but also a significant boost for the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. The report includes an analysis that estimates the number of start-ups in Spain under the scope of the Law, which is close to 3,000 businesses. Enisa, to date, has 36% of the total number of companies identified as potential candidates have been certified. Hence the importance of companies being informed and accessing the certification process in order to benefit from the advantages and specialties offered by the Startups Law.

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