How ILUNION Hotels embraces Artificial Intelligence – Corresponsables

How ILUNION Hotels embraces Artificial Intelligence – Corresponsables
How ILUNION Hotels embraces Artificial Intelligence – Corresponsables

As Director of Innovation at ILUNION Hotels, I am pleased to share how our organization is planning the adoption of innovation technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a Purposeful Innovation perspective. In this article, we will explore how we have integrated AI into our management strategy, focusing on three key aspects: the customer (both external and internal), process optimization and the impact on results.

Incorporating Purpose into Management Strategy with AI

Our vision is clear: we want to improve people’s lives. Therefore, it is not just about implementing technology, but about making sure that every step we take has a meaningful purpose. AI is no exception. We have integrated it into our management strategy to achieve tangible and sustainable results.

Awareness and training: key to success

Adopting AI is more than just a matter of tools and algorithms. It is essential to raise awareness and train our employees. From training sessions to internal communications, we try to create an environment in which our colleagues can understand the meaning and value of AI. It is not just about technical skills, but also about an open mindset towards innovation. In 2023 and 2024, studies and surveys have been carried out to raise awareness and train teams in the knowledge and correct use of the tools.

Compliance and Ethics: Non-Negotiable

AI poses ethical and compliance challenges. At ILUNION Hotels, we have established clear guidelines to ensure that our implementation is responsible and transparent. We protect the privacy of our customers and employees, and we try to ensure that algorithms do not perpetuate bias or discrimination. Trust is key.

Positive Impact on Stakeholders

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence impacts our main stakeholders: For our customers, it means a personalized and efficient experience. For our employees, it means automation of repetitive tasks and more time for more creative activities with greater added value. And for the community at large, it gives us the opportunity to show ourselves as a company committed to responsible innovation.

Focus on Results: Client, Processes and Economic Impact

Our focus on results is reflected in three areas:

– Client (External and Internal): AI enables us to better understand our customers’ needs and offer tailored solutions. In addition, our employees benefit from tools that make their daily work easier.

– Optimization of processes: Process automation has allowed us to be more efficient and agile. From booking management to room cleaning, AI is present at every step.

– Impact on Results: Investment in AI translates into increased customer satisfaction, a more motivated workforce, and ultimately, sustainable economic growth.

In short, for ILUNION Hotels Artificial Intelligence is more than a technological trend; it is a powerful tool to drive positive change. We are Committed to Innovation with Purpose, and AI is a key ally on that path. As part of this community, we are all responsible for ensuring that technology works for the common good.

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