The two reasons that hinder the investigation of the crime in Ejea

He Delicate health condition of the husband of the woman murdered in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza) The incident that occurred last Saturday, July 6, is hampering the investigation of the Civil Guard. And it is not the only problem that those in charge of solving the murder of Susana LV, 48, are facing, since it seems that the recordings of the security cameras also failed to capture either the license plate or the model of the vehicle in which the two clients left the framing shop at around two in the afternoon, the time when the incident occurred. Both circumstances are making the investigations quite complicated.

The deceased’s husband, José Francisco AS, 49, left the intensive care unit of the Miguel Servet Hospital on Tuesdaywhere he was admitted with a serious head injury. According to health sources, his progress is favourable, but the patient was still quite sedated until Tuesday. And this would have prevented investigators from having a face-to-face meeting with him to try to clarify what happened. Because there are still many unknowns to be cleared up.

The Government delegate in Aragon, Fernando Beltrán explained on Tuesday that “all lines of work remain open.” That is to say, for now, the Civil Guard cannot rule out absolutely anything.. It is not even clear that what happened can be classified as a new episode of gender violence. “When there is an event of this nature, what are called main hypotheses are initially considered. This is the result of the visual inspection, of the first entry made to the site where the crime occurred. And in that first visual inspection, the main working hypothesis was not gender violence,” said the delegate.

According to Fernando Beltrán, after that first visit to the scene of the events, the picture framing shop run by Susana LV on José Sinués and Urbiola street in Ejea, The Guardia Civil suspected that the motive for the crime could be financial. “It could be a settling of scores, a debt collection… That was what the first visual inspection showed,” He added. However, it seems that the results of the autopsy performed the following day on the victim’s body at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Aragon and other information gathered by the investigation team advise caution. “We have already said that no possibility has been ruled out. That everything is open,” said the delegate.

Since the victim’s body was found last Saturday, along with her husband seriously injured, the Judicial Police teams from the Zaragoza Command and the Ejea de los Caballeros post They have had time to inspect in detail both the store where the crime took place and the couple’s home.who has two children aged 13 and 16. The judge at the Investigative Court number 1 of Ejea has declared the proceedings secret, so no official information has been released on the evidence obtained. In any case, it would be logical for the investigators to have requested judicial authorisation to examine the evidence. mobile phones of the couple in order to extract as much information as possible: latest communications, both between them and with third parties, places they had been…

The questioning of the deceased’s husband is therefore essential. And everything suggests that, as soon as the Civil Guard is able to speak to him, the investigation will be unblocked.

The cameras recorded a black car

As HERALDO reported, the fact that the Ejea Local Police’s video surveillance system recorded two people leaving the store at the time of the incident forced them to set up a cordon ten kilometres around to try to find the vehicle in which they had left. But nothing is known at the moment about either the car or its occupants. And it doesn’t seem like it will be easy to find them, unless José Francisco AS can identify them when he recovers and is questioned. Because, according to sources close to the case, It seems that the cameras did not capture too many details of the car, of which the only thing known is its colour: black. But without a license plate, investigators have been unable to track him down.

It is also unclear whether or not these two people would be involved in the incident, because The calm way in which they left the establishment does not fit the pattern of someone who has just committed a crime and left another person badly injured.: more hurriedly and possibly with their faces covered to avoid being identified

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