This is how they used AI to bypass X’s security

This is how they used AI to bypass X’s security
This is how they used AI to bypass X’s security

Since Elon Musk bought the social network Twitter, the tycoon has announced numerous measures and new rules that have also generated controversy in Spain, claiming that the main intention was to clean the social network of bots or fake accounts. However, the platform has still not tackled the problem, the European Union has called the attention of this and other social networks about the misinformation that is shared on them and A new operation reveals how artificial intelligence is facilitating the work of these bot farms.

The United States and several allied countries have reported this week the success of an operation in which they have taken control of a sophisticated Russian propaganda factory that used artificial intelligence to manage almost a thousand covert accounts on the social network Xbetter known as Twitter.

Agencies in the United States, the Netherlands and Canada have collaborated to identify various computer programs that were used to manage this botnet. One of these softwares, called Meliorator created fake users known as “souls” in several countries. Elon Musk X’s network complied with a court order to provide information about the accounts to the FBI and then deleted them.

Musk transforma Twitter en X

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To take down the network, the FBI obtained a court order to seize two web domains from which the email addresses behind the fictitious or bot accounts were registered. Elon Musk’s network complied with a court order demanding that it provide information on the 968 accounts detected by the FBI and then deleted them, according to reports The Washington Post. The system was able to bypass X’s techniques for verifying the authenticity of users, automatically copying one-time keys sent to registered email addresses.

The network was organized into two types of fake profiles: while some accounts with more elaborate biographies published original content to promote, other more generic accounts dedicated themselves to sharing the posts of the former and giving them “likes” to spread the message among real users of the social network.

The network was born in 2022, when the then Deputy editor-in-chief at RT, the Moscow-based Russian news agencysought to develop alternative means of distributing information beyond RT’s standard television news broadcasts. In response, the development of software that could create and operate a social media bot farm was initiated.

Even so, The agencies have not indicated the effectiveness of this many real people saw and helped spread the messages on the internet. According to reports, the intention of those responsible for this bot farm was to expand to other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, since references to these platforms had been found in the code of the computer programs.

The researchers behind the operation have shared detailed information on how the network works to help other organizations dismantle similar bot farms. They don’t believe that the problem will go away and they believe that social networks must reform their security measures, even more so when it has been demonstrated that the use of artificial intelligence provides a greater capacity for action to these online disinformation and propaganda networks.

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