German company Volz will supply Airbus with the actuators for the ventilation system of the Spanish Sirtap drone

The German company Volz Servos has been awarded a contract to supply Airbus the actuators of the ventilation system High Performance Remotely Manned Systembetter known as Sirtapfor the Spanish Armed Forces.

Through this agreement, Volz will provide the tactical drone program with the modules DA 26, a mechanism that, in the words of the CEO of the firm based in the city of Offenbach am Main, Phillip Volz“it is perfect for controlling the air doors of the Sirtapensuring a suitable environment thanks to the highest possible power supply and maximum safety and reliability, and taking advantage of a brushless motor and a contactless and wear-free position sensor.”

The German company is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of electromechanical actuators for advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms and remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

DA 26 actuator. Signature: Volz Servos

For the German manufacturer, the award of this contract “reinforces the conviction that the unique combination of agility, experience, high reliability, dependability and, above all, certifiability, convinces even the largest aviation companies.” “We are very proud that Airbus has decided to trust Volz Servos for the project of the High Performance Remotely Manned System“, said the director of the firm after announcing the agreement.

The Spanish industry in the Sirtap program

Airbus has so far selected several national companies to participate in the design of the aircraft or to supply critical components for its correct operation. Less than three weeks ago, the engineering and technology industrial group Tendons was commissioned to develop and mass produce the line-of-sight control data link systems cycle (Data Link LoS) of the Sirtapthat is, the modules that will ensure the connection of the platform with the ground stations.

In April of this year, the Madrid native Group Almost Another contract was awarded for the supply of Voice Communications System (SCV) of the drone, through an agreement that is part of the alliance established between Airbus and the Ministry of Defending in November 2023 and which, according to the Spanish firm specializing in defense, telecommunications and energy solutions, “will play a crucial role in strengthening the surveillance and security capabilities of the Forces Armed”.

The design is now ready

Just a few days ago, Airbus announced that the Sirtap had successfully overcome the Critical Design Review (CDR), setting the final system architecture and ensuring that the degree of maturity of the drone design allows the start of manufacturing and is aligned with the end customer requirements.

According to the aeronautical manufacturer, the different areas that were reviewed during this process include, above all, the alignment between manufacturing capabilities and design principles; the maturity of the systems, subsystems and equipment; and the following validation and verification activities, which will allow the aircraft to be certified by the end of 2026.

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