BayWa resells its 95-megawatt Almodóvar solar park in the province…

BayWa resells its 95-megawatt Almodóvar solar park in the province…
BayWa resells its 95-megawatt Almodóvar solar park in the province…

Global renewable energy specialist BayWa re has sold its Almodóvar solar park to Encavis AG, a leading independent power producer (IPP). Located near the city of Córdoba, the plant is expected to be connected to the grid in the fourth quarter of 2025. With a capacity of 95 megawatts (MW) and an annual electricity generation of 187 GWh, Almodóvar will significantly contribute to the Spanish energy transition.

Following the sale of the 109 MW Lirios solar park (35 kilometres from Seville) a few months ago, this transaction marks another milestone in the ongoing partnership between BayWa re and Encavis AG. Both companies are combining their expertise to drive numerous solar and wind projects across Europe.

The Almodóvar solar park is part of a 10-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) that BayWa signed in 2021 with Huhtamaki, a leading global provider of sustainable packaging solutions based in Finland. The agreement covers two solar parks in Spain and covers approximately 80% of Huhtamaki’s electricity needs in Europe. It is the largest European corporate solar VPPA for the packaging industry, as well as the first corporate solar VPPA signed by a Finnish company.

Habitat for steppe birds

According to a statement from the company, BayWa re is also committed to improving biodiversity during the construction and operation of the project through various measures. These include the creation of two ponds for invertebrates and amphibians, the installation of nest boxes and the construction of shelters for small mammals, insects and bats. In addition, the company will cultivate legume and cereal species on an area of ​​around 82 hectares, located near the site of the solar park, which will serve as a habitat for steppe birds.

BayWa re AG CEO Matthias Taft commented: “We are delighted to announce the sale of another solar park developed by our team in Spain. Almodóvar is one of the projects we will be selling across Europe in the coming months. The energy transition is accelerating by the day, and we are well positioned to drive further growth in wind, solar and battery storage projects.”

Likewise, Juanjo Álvarez, CEO of BayWa re in Spain and Portugal, added that “we have been working in the Spanish market for more than 10 years and have carried out more than 600 MW in wind and solar projects. Spain is one of the key markets for BayWa re and we will continue to play a leading role in advancing the energy transition in this and other countries.”

About BayWa re AG

At BayWa re, we are rethinking how to best produce, store and use energy to enable the global transition to renewable energy, which is so essential to the future of our planet. With offices in 34 countries and revenues of almost €5.8 billion, BayWa re is a leading global renewable energy developer, distributor and provider of energy services and solutions that actively help shape the future of energy.

BayWa re offers both end-to-end project solutions and ongoing operations management and is an independent power producer with an expanding energy trading area. With their innovation, creativity and experience, they have surpassed 6 gigawatts (GW) of grid-connected renewable energy and manage more than 10.5 GW of assets.

In Spain, BayWa re has been present since 2010, developing renewable energy projects, both photovoltaic and wind. It already has a project portfolio of around 2.5 GW and has built more than 600 MW of wind and photovoltaic projects. To date, the company has signed 1 GW of PPAs in the country. A PPA is a long-term energy purchase agreement or contract between a renewable developer and a consumer.

In addition, it offers operation and maintenance services and asset management, with more than 30 wind and photovoltaic plants under maintenance, 790 MW in its portfolio and a pipeline of 2.25 GW for 2025. In 2024, this division will continue to focus its efforts on technical and commercial operation and maintenance, revamping, digitalization and comprehensive Asset Management.

Paris Agreement

BayWa re collaborates with international companies and organizations to provide customized renewable energy solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and lowering energy costs. Thanks to the fact that its actions and contribution to caring for the environment are aligned with the Paris Agreement, they ensure that they are taking significant steps on their path towards a more sustainable future.

They also say that they promote equality and diversity and are committed to creating inclusive environments in which people can develop their full potential, based on new solutions, overcome technological limits and redefine service standards to improve renewable energy.

Its shareholders are BayWa AG, a global company with a turnover of 23.9 billion euros, and Energy Infrastructure Partners, a leading company in the energy infrastructure investment market that manages more than 5 billion euros from global investors.

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