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AUTELSI’s Telecommunications Working Group presents a study on, “Connectivity and cloud solution adoption strategy”.

AUTELSI’s Telecommunications Group has developed a project on connectivity and strategy for adopting cloud solutions. 36 professionals from 28 companies from different sectors have participated in this project.

This paper analyses the new connectivity challenges arising from the implementation of new services in the cloud, whether public or private, that complement or replace existing services in traditional infrastructures. These challenges arise from the increase in the network perimeter and, therefore, its complexity, affecting both the connectivity between applications and the users who access them.

For this reason, it is important that these connectivity challenges are considered within the strategy for adopting cloud solutions and that solutions can be proposed to resolve them and ensure both application performance and security requirements and management capabilities.

The work addresses different topics such as the description of cloud concepts and their classification and provides an overview of the situation in Spain as a result of a survey that has been carried out on the association’s companies, which, in addition to asking about the level of cloud adoption, has focused on the problem of connectivity.

The survey reveals a progressive, but not yet massive, adoption of public cloud services, with a trend towards hybrid solutions that combine the cloud and traditional data centers. The initial push is seen in SaaS solutions, especially in the productivity area, accelerated by the demands of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the paper delves into the different connectivity solutions, considering different scenarios and concluding with several real practical examples that briefly illustrate the solutions described.

This study was presented on June 25 in the Aula Magna of the ADIF Training Center. During the event we had the opportunity to listen to Huawei, Kyndryl and Telefónica commenting on current solutions to address the connectivity challenges posed by the adoption of the cloud and, on the other hand, Adif, Astic and Kutxabank shared with the attendees their experiences in the practical implementation of connectivity solutions in their organizations.

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