A woman dies in Seville after being infected with the Nile virus

A woman of 71 years has passed away in Two Sisters (Seville) after being infected with the West Nile virus (WNV). The old woman, who suffered from previous pathologies, has been one of the first two cases confirmed this summer, according to the Department of Health and Consumption of the Andalusian Government.

The other person affected in a 72 year old man, also from the same town, which already has been discharged This Wednesday, after having been admitted, last July 5th at Valme University Hospital. According to the Ministry, the woman was also admitted to the same hospital last Friday and was already suffering from serious pre-existing conditions.

Samples were taken from both affected people and sent to the laboratory of Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital, from Granada, where positivity was confirmed from both.

Following the cases, preventive measures have been intensified

Following this, the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Health and Consumption of Seville has notified the City Council of Dos Hermanas of its change in risk levelgoing from 3 to 5. This implies that a “urgent action” on the population of adult mosquitoes of the genus Culex or common mosquito. In addition, it has reported the need for intensify the Municipal Plan for 2021 based on communication to the population about precautionary measures against this insect.

This virus is transmitted mainly by mosquito bites, where in 80% of cases have no symptoms. In a 20% a develops severe viral illness, According to the World Health Organization, especially in elderly and immunocompromised people. This disease affects countries in southern, eastern and western Europe.

Possible symptoms are similar to those of the flu.

Los symptoms that can cause this disease are flu-like: fever, headache, joint pain, vomiting, skin rash, and swollen glands, which last between 3 and 6 days and they usually do not have consequences. In one in 150 People can develop encefalitis o meningitis, which can lead to brain damage and death. It should be noted that this disease is not contagious between people by direct contact.

The first time this disease was reported was in 1937 in Uganda, where a woman was isolated. In the 90s resurfaced due to drought in Africa, and soon spread to the United States, with the first cases detected in New York. Since then, cases have not stopped being registered, with a special incidence between 2002 and 2003, when several thousand cases and hundreds of deaths were recorded.

In 2020 in Spain this disease claimed seven lives

In Spain in 2020 the “Nile fever” was charged seven fatalities (four in Seville and three in Cadiz), this being the largest outbreak recorded in Andalusia to date, where cases were reported 76 cases, 40 confirmed by health authorities and 36 probable.

The Ministry of Health has insisted that are maintained measures to avoid bites, specially in hours close to the sunrise and to sunset, where the activity of these insects is greatest. For example, through the use of repellentslight-colored clothing that covers most of the skin, use of mosquito nets and environmental repellents.

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