ParlAmericas event analyzes the problem of insecurity in the region

ParlAmericas event analyzes the problem of insecurity in the region
ParlAmericas event analyzes the problem of insecurity in the region

The Raúl Porras Barnechea Hemicycle of the Legislative Palace was the setting for the interparliamentary meeting called “Beyond Borders: Regional Security Strategies,” which was attended by senators, deputies, congressmen, officials and diplomatic corps from 13 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean that make up ParlAmericas.

The event was opened this morning by the third vice president of the Peruvian Parliament, Rosselli Amuruz Dulanto (Avanza País), member of the board of directors of ParlAmericas, who was accompanied at the table of honor by the Colombian senator, Germán Blanco. Also present were Peruvian congressmen Maricarmen Alva Prieto (No A) and Rosangella Barbarán Reyes (FP); Branda Ognado, deputy of the Dominican Republic; Sergio Capozzi, Argentine deputy, among other authorities.

“This meeting offers an opportunity to analyze the main threats to security and peace in the region, recognizing the need to build governance models that support comprehensive public policies, strengthening institutions, respect for the rule of law, respect for human rights and multi-sector coordination,” said Amuruz Dulanto.

Amuruz took the opportunity to highlight the spaces for dialogue to exchange knowledge, build political consensus and strengthen decision-making processes through ParlAmericas.

Vice President of Congress, Rosselli Amuruz, inaugurated ParlAmericas event

Colombian Senator Germán Blanco, who is also a member of the ParlAmericas Board of Directors, said that terrorism, transnational organized crime, human trafficking, drugs, money laundering, illicit arms trafficking and corruption are the main traditional and emerging threats facing the region.

During the first day of the event, the keynote lecture “Security in Latin America: traditional and emerging challenges from a multidimensional perspective” was held, led by the resident representative in Peru of the United Nations Development Program, Bettina Woll de Montenach and the director of Proetica, José Elice Navarro.

Also, “Parliamentary perspectives on security”, “Security and defence: contributions to peace” and “Citizen security: rebuilding trust”.

This meeting of parliamentary cooperation, which will continue on Thursday 11, also brings together members of the Assembly, specialists, representatives of international organizations and civil society.


On this date, four sessions will be held to address the issue of national security in the face of a complex panorama of digital threats that challenge peace and stability, which will be divided into the following topics:
Session 5. Human trafficking and the need for structural responses.
Session 6. National security in an era of digital threats.
Session 7. Cyberviolence: legislative actions to build safe digital spaces.
Session 8. Regional cooperation on security.

Guests for this event include Alika Kinan, director of the Training and Research Program on Human Trafficking and Exploitation; Peruvian legislator Patricia Juárez Gallegos (FP) and parliamentarians from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, among others.


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