The Citizen Movement opposes blocks with more than six floors in Córdoba

He Citizens Movement Council (CMC) of Córdoba Yesterday he conveyed to the mayor of the city, José María Bellido (PP), and to the president of the Municipal Urban Planning Department (GMU), Miguel Ángel Torrico, his “opposition to the generalisation of being able to build above six plants in our city,” understanding that this proposal by the Cordoba construction employers’ association, Construcor, “would only benefit the developer and would not lower the price of housing.”

In this regard, and in a note, the Council of the Citizen Movement recalled that “it is not true that in Córdoba buildings cannot be raised higher. This has happened, for singular reasons, with the Torre del Agua, or it was planned in the Cordel de Écija, next to the Andalusia bridge, or it was attempted with the Ojo del Califa, on the old Meliá Hotel, or with the administrative building designed by the Junta de Andalucía in Noreña.”

In fact, “in the special plans that have been built in Chinalestransforming them from industrial to residential, the PGOU has allowed, since its approval in 2001, to achieve nine plantstransforming building rights in height to be able to have green areas and facilities.”

Another very different thing would be, the text continues, “to increase the buildability to the partial plans pending development,” when there is already an attempt to “to fill the area between the Ronda de Poniente and the Western Bypass with buildingssupposedly to offset construction costs.”

From the CMC they explained that “what our urban planning has always defended is that the height of the buildings was related to the width of the streets and avenuesor about the image of our city foot of the Sierrahence the calculation of the houses to be built based on a building ceiling that did not exceed six floors. For the Citizen Movement, Constructor’s proposal “is a pressure on the City Council “when the new urban planning scheme is being drawn up.”

Furthermore, according to the organization chaired by Juan Andrés de Gracia, “increasing the number of floors would not affect the price of housing, since it is a free market and the only thing it would ensure is a Increased benefits for the promoter».

For this, he went to the prices of the houses in Torre del Agua, with fourteen floors, or the nine-story developments in Chinales: “We will verify that what is intended is that the profitable yield from soils is greaterwithout any social or environmental compensation.”

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