Narcotest: Llaryora took the new test in compliance with the law

Narcotest: Llaryora took the new test in compliance with the law
Narcotest: Llaryora took the new test in compliance with the law

The governor of Córdoba, Martin Llaryorathe laboratory analysis was carried out to detect the consumption of illegal drugs as dictated by provincial law 10954 of Public Safety and Citizen Securityenacted last April.

The law states that People who hold elected office must undergo a “narco test” which can be carried out in public and private establishments.

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It also creates the Integrated System of Public Security and Citizen Coexistence, which establishes the legal framework for the implementation of a new model that seeks to streamline the fight against insecurity and drug trafficking.

In addition to the governor, ministers, secretaries, undersecretaries, directors, deputy directors, advisors and persons who, by legal or regulatory provision, exercise hierarchical functions equivalent to those positions must undergo tests that detect the presence of illegal drug metabolites in urine.

Officials must present a negative certificate issued by a medical institution certifying that additional tests have been carried out.

After the procedure, Llaryora said: “Those who govern cannot be close to drug consumption. Otherwise, how can they seriously confront the drug mafias?”.

We have the decision to sweep away and fight drug trafficking and mafias with all the force of the Law and the tools that we have and are incorporating. But we, who govern, have to start by setting an example.“, he stressed.

In the event that the provisions of Article 66 of the law are not complied with, it was determined that a procedure will be applied that includes communicating the situation to the competent authorities and the Ministry of Health must carry out a comprehensive approach to contain and assist the affected person.

The same obligation exists in the provincial capital after the Deliberative Council approved an ordinance last year so that all elected municipal officials are required to undergo this type of analysis every six months.

Fuente: The AR Journal

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