Honor and Democracy legislators continue dialogue with authorities and residents of different departments

Legislator Héctor Acuña Peralta participated in the technical roundtable “Alternatives for the completion of the project to improve the infrastructure and equipment of the San Juan school” in Trujillo.

The participants were Fátima Acevedo Diez, director of Colegio San Juan; Liliana Barrantes Fernández; director of the Maintenance Management Unit – National Educational Infrastructure Program (Pronied); Vladimiro Vegas Palomino; Regional Control Manager of La Libertad – Comptroller General of the Republic; and Raúl González Sánchez, supervisor of the Comptroller General of the Republic; among others.

For his part, the spokesman for the Honor and Democracy party, Jorge Montoya, organized a workshop to disseminate the bill on the commercialization of gold, in collaboration with the Federation of Small Miners and Artisanal Miners of Arequipa.

“This initiative seeks to promote sustainable development and strengthen the artisanal mining sector in our region, driving progress from the White City!” he said on his X account.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Gladys Echaíz verified on site the urgent needs of the Educational Institution 589 Estrella del Saber, in La Ensenada, Puente Piedra.

It was found that the school lacks an adequate roof to protect the children from the rain, and the walls are in poor condition.

“We will take the necessary steps to find a solution for the 185 children who study there.”


Legislator José Cueto Aservi arrived at the Pucallpa base of the 4th Air Wing of the Peruvian Air Force, where he met with its general commander, Major General FAP Gino Paolo Rengifo Bartra, who explained the important actions they have been carrying out for the benefit of national security and defense.

He then met with Lieutenant Brigadier CBP Peter Pool Meza Alcocer, departmental commander of the Ucayali Fire Company, at the Pucallpa Fire Company 46, where they explained the limitations they have in equipment and infrastructure, despite which they carry out their work for the benefit of society.


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