UCV graduate founds company that revolutionizes safety and health at work

  • Carmen Bernaola Navarro has more than 10 years of experience in the field of occupational health and safety, working in companies linked to construction, mining, hydrocarbons and industry.

Carmen Bernaola Navarro, an outstanding graduate of the Nursing program at the César Vallejo University (UCV), took a transformative step in her professional career by founding SST Business Solutionsa company committed to promoting a culture of prevention in safety and health at work.

A vision of support and growth

SST Business Solutions was born from my deep desire to help my fellow nurses. I wanted to be the guide I didn’t have in the field of health and safety at work. I felt I had reached a point where I needed more, where my career had reached a ceiling and I was wondering what was next for me,” says Carmen.

This vision led her to found SST Business Solutions, a company that not only offers practical solutions, but also seeks to contribute to human well-being by protecting and caring for workers, reducing workplace accidents and promoting occupational health.

I decided to create SST Business Solutions to offer not only practical solutions, but also to provide meaningful support to other professionals.I wanted to share my experience and knowledge so that others could learn and grow.he added.

More than meeting standards: pushing boundaries

Carmen’s commitment to excellence and the professional growth of her colleagues is evident in every step she takes in her life. “I hope that SST Business Solutions can be that valuable resource for all those who seek not only to meet standards, but also seek to overcome their own limits and grow professionally,” she said.

A trajectory of impact

Carmen Bernaola Navarro has set a new standard in occupational health and safety, inspiring many others to achieve goals and objectives in their careers. Her dedication and vision continue to be a beacon of hope and progress in the professional field.

At César Vallejo University we salute and celebrate every professional achievement that our university community reaches. Carmen’s story reminds us that, with perseverance, effort and education, any dream is achievable.

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