Approval of the Penal Code is a step backwards in gender equality – El Nuevo Diario Newspaper (Dominican Republic)

Members of the citizen collective Pink Revolution. (External source)

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- The citizen collective “Pink Revolution”, made up of women leaders in the political, business, legal and media spheres, expressed their position regarding the recent approval by the Senate of the Republic of the Penal Code.

A press release detailed that they advocate for a conscious, calm and plural review of the content of the proposed Penal Code, so that it truly responds to our social reality and considers the challenges that are denounced daily before the courts, the media and the community in general.

She said that the Pink Revolution promotes consideration of advances in respect for women’s rights and, above all, the balance that must exist in the duties of both sexes in the consolidation of an intra-family culture that promotes equity and justice between men and women.

This group also believes that there is an urgent need to guarantee the physical, psychological and moral integrity of women, both within and outside of marriages and/or de facto relationships.

Furthermore, it is important that those who design, implement and monitor public policies, training programs and assistance programs for victims and/or perpetrators, address gender stereotypes, mental health deficiencies and cultural programming that has endorsed the different types of violence against women over time.

Meanwhile, he stressed: “Equally important is the consideration and promotion of the so-called “new masculinities,” where men have a role beyond that of provider and archaic behaviors based on machismo, to show their true value, as companion and co-creator of the value system that Dominican society needs.”

Finally, “we consider that the promulgation of the Penal Code, in the sense that it has been approved by the Senate, constitutes a great legislative setback and a disregard for the constitutionalization of women’s rights. It is the State’s duty to guarantee the necessary measures to prevent, punish and eradicate all types of violence against women,” said the citizen group.

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