One Piece teases Shanks’ biggest battle yet

A promotional teaser has been shared that anticipates Shanks’ big battle

Shanks is about to face Kid in the next episode of One Piece

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Shanks ‘The Redhead’ is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the entire One Piece franchise. Although has gone unnoticed for many yearsthe truth is that, recently, we have seen him become the center of attention in many relevant events. And this character is also the protagonist of all kinds of theories made by fans who seek to explain his hidden motives.

Beyond this, in the anime, Shanks also seems to have started to move his pieces. Especially after discovering that Luffy had defeated Kaido. All of this has fans going crazy with theories. And in the next episode of the series, 1112, we can see the triumphant return of this Yonkou, as he is about to participate in his biggest battle yet. Below, we will tell you the details.

Shanks is about to face a tough battle in episode 1112 of the anime

Shanks will make his triumphant return to face a tough opponent

A teaser trailer for One Piece Episode 1112, titled “Clash! Shanks VS Eustass Kid,” has been revealed, and it’s pretty straightforward about what will happen. And that’s because, after the events of WanoShanks has started to move, as have other pirates, such as Kid’s crew.

Eustass and his companions have arrived at the mythical island of Elbaf. But unfortunately for them, Shanks is also there. This has brought the crews into conflict. and has left us with an interesting cliffhanger. And, in fact, the trailer for One Piece episode 1112 reveals a little more about the confrontation between these characters.

As we have mentioned, this episode promises to be a real gem, as the animation proves, looking fluid at all times and with a wealth of detail. Evidently, This will not be a pleasant moment for either side.However, fans have reacted positively to this promotional trailer, revealing their excitement and anticipation for it.

As you can see in the promotional teaser, some memories of Shanks’ previous appearances are shown, such as that iconic time when He rescued Luffy from being eaten by a Sea King and gave him his hat as a promise to meet him again when he had become a real pirate to return it to him.

This promotional video fulfills its purpose, as it reminds us of some of the epic moments that the character of Shanks has starred in, such as his small confrontation against Whitebeardor other of his more relaxed appearances. And all this only increases the hype of the fans, who are eager to enjoy the confrontation between the Yonkou and one of the members of the Worst Generation.

Shanks is a mysterious character with hidden intentions.

There is little time left to enjoy this episode, as it will premiere in Japan on Sunday, July 14, although in the rest of the world it will be on Saturday, July 13. And you can enjoy it directly through Crunchyroll in the best possible quality.

Ver One Piece en Crunchyroll

Those who are up to date with the manga know that Shanks has had strange and mysterious appearances in recent events. And this It’s something that fans who watch the anime will be able to witness soon.. Although it is no secret that, perhaps, this will give rise to even more theories and hypotheses about this character.

Regarding the confrontation between Shanks and Kid, it cannot be denied that the latter is one of the most talented and forts of the Worst Generation of piratesas he demonstrated in the events of Wano. However, one cannot forget the fact that Shanks is one of the Yonkou and is still extraordinarily powerful. In fact, even without an arm he was able to stop the war at Marineford, which is a memorable feat. In addition, as a child, he was part of Roger’s crew and is an expert in the use of Haki. Therefore, it will not be an easy battle at all.

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