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The stockbroking company Renta4 implemented a new direct investment platform to the market that allows acquiring Actions from Peru, USA and Europe.

“We seek to transfer to Peru a model already deployed in Spain, to contribute to the democratization of investments in medium and low net worth segments,” said Pablo Leno, general manager of Renta 4 SAB.

In this way, young people from 18 years old who are curious about trading on the stock market or who have finished university but do not have a large amount of assets to invest can participate not only in foreign assets listed on the Lima stock exchange, but also in products from the USA and Europe, he explained.

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The executive stated that the design of a digital platform for direct access to the market does not imply abandoning the investor because will continue to rely on the advice of traders in their purchase and sale transactions.

“The idea is that the young person who starts investing S/ 500 or S/ 1,000 today, will grow in participation and within a few years will be negotiating S/ 10,000 or S/ 15,000, it is a long-term strategy,” he said.

Leno also emphasized the growth recorded by the segment of investors retail in the Lima square.

So far this year, nearly 40,000 new accounts have been created, especially retail customers, and that is the audience that this platform is targeting, people who are just starting to look at the BVL as an alternative to make their surpluses profitable, he commented.

According to the manager, one of the short-term goals is the deployment of a mobile application. “Before the end of the year we want to adapt the platform to an app, that is the next step, if not this year it should be at the beginning of next year,” he announced.

To date, there are six online trading platforms on the BVL, these are: stock exchange agent companies (SAB) which allow you to buy and sell foreign stocks and securities directly on the market.

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