The 3 best extensions for WhatsApp Web

If you want to get the most out of WhatsApp Web, these three Chrome extensions are what you need

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WhatsApp Web is a very interesting tool that allows us to use the instant messaging tool from any browser without installing anything. In recent years its use has become quite popular. But what many do not know is that there are Chrome extensions with which we can get even more out of it to the tool if we use said browser.

These extensions will allow us to access Functions that we usually cannot find in the web version of the application, as well as trying to alleviate some of the problems of WhatsApp Web that bother us when we access our favorite messaging tool from the PC. Although in the Chrome application store we can find a large number of extensions designed for WhatsApptoday we are going to focus especially on three of them.

Prime Sender

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This extension allows us to create a series of quickly answers for our WhatsApp messages. These responses will appear above the text so that responding to our messages is much faster and easier, speeding up our conversations.

It also has one of the most anticipated features of the app that has not yet reached its regular version, and that is being able to schedule messages. Prime Sender gives us the option to establish a timeline in which we will indicate at what time and on what day we want a message in question to be sent, so that we never forget to send that message that we have pending.

Another very interesting option is that it allows us to add the numbers to which we want to send a message by importing them directly. from ExcelThis is a highly recommended option especially when we give WhatsApp a business use.

Overall, the features that this extension provides us may not seem too practical if what we use WhatsApp for is to send photos to our mother or tell our best friend about our date last night. However, if you have a business and you use the messaging tool as a method to communicate with your customers will become a must for you. There are other tools that offer us similar functions, but they are paid, while this one is completely freeIf you found it interesting and want to start using it, you can download it here:

Prime Sender | Chrome Store


WhatsAdd extension logo

This app can be more useful even if you use the app personally. Like the previous one, it also allows you to create default messages which you can then send with just one click. And you can also Change keyboard shortcuts to emojismaking it so that when you write

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