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The Minedu competition seeks to select teachers to obtain an improvement in the teaching scale. | Diffusion

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) approved the technical regulations for the new edition of the 2024 Teacher Evaluation, whose objective is to provide an opportunity for promotion to basic education teachers on the scale of the Public Teaching Career (CPM). According to Vice-Ministerial Resolution No. 077-2024-MINEDU, the publication of the official regulationswhich will include the dates of each stage and the list of vacancies for this new public competition. In the following note, we will tell you all the details.

When does registration for the 2024 Teacher Evaluation Competition begin?

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) has not yet confirmed the official date for the start of registrations to participate in the new 2024 Teacher Evaluation competition. It is important that people check all the education portfolio’s social networks to have the latest news about the new edition.

What are the requirements to participate in the 2024 Teacher Evaluation Contest?

As established in the previous edition, applicants must have the minimum number of years of official service in the teaching scale up to the start date of the competition. Check the minimum number of two years for the teaching scale in this list:

  • First teaching scale: 2 years
  • Second teaching scale: 2 years
  • Third teaching scale. 3 years
  • Fourth teaching scale: 3 years
  • Fifth teaching scale: 3 years
  • Sixth teaching scale: 3 years
  • Seventh teaching scale: 4 years

Candidates must comply with the formulation where they detail that they do not have convictions for crimes against freedom, sexual crimes, corruption, drug trafficking, terrorism, among others. Along the same lines, they must not have committed intentional crimes such as theft, extortion, among other sanctions.

Salary scale for teachers in 2024 via Minedu

According to official information from the Ministry of Education (Minedu), teachers can find out the percentage and monthly remuneration they can access for hourly time through the teaching scale determined for this school year 2024.

Teaching Scale Percentage index 30 hour journey 40 hour journey
Eighth 210% 6511,05 8681,40
Seventh 190% 5890,95 7854,60
Friday 175% 5425,88 723,50
Quinta 150% 4650,75 6201,00
Quarter 130% 4030,65 5374,20
Third 120% 3720,60 4960,80
Second 110% 3410,55 4547,40
First 100% 3100,50 4134,00
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