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This Wednesday a new day of the trial was held for the Attempted assassination of former President Cristina Fernández de KirchnerThere, one of the witnesses revealed a controversial request from one of the former president’s bodyguards on the day of the incident. In addition, another of the witnesses gave details of the moment when Fernando Sabag Montiel, the main defendant in the case, was arrested.

It should be remembered that in the attack, there is also Brenda Uliarte, her ex-partner, was charged and arrested for being a necessary participant and Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, for being a secondary participant. Meanwhile, the fact It happened on September 1, 2022when Fernando Sabag Montiel attacked the former president, who was outside her house located in the Recoleta neighborhood, City of Buenos Aires, greeting and signing books for a group of activists who were there. Although the man pulled the trigger, the bullet did not come out. The situation was recorded by the cameras and the man ended up being arrested.

He had an arrest warrant and was caught walking near a shopping mall in Neuquén

The attack occurred on September 1, 2022, when Fernando Sabag Montiel attacked the former president Photo: TN

During the hearing on July 10, some witnesses gave their testimony before the Federal Oral Court 6, trans. having witnessed the event. There, Cristóbal José Elgueta Collado a medical student and activist, revealed a video he had recorded at the time of the attack and the request of a custodian of the former president.

I had the idea that Cristina was going to get out of the car and go in. Two white cars arrive. We had been far away. I start recording. Cristina gets out and starts to greet the whole cordon. She turns the corner on Uruguay and comes towards us. “Through the screen, I see everything that happened: an arm comes in and out and there is confusion. What I imagined at first was that it had been a book. Cristina Kirchner bent down. I assumed that they had thrown something and she fell,” he revealed.

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He also added that “Montiel, who was on my right at that moment. He had a cap on, they took it off and tried to frisk him. I saw something shiny and it fell to the ground. They kicked it and kicked it. He said several times, I don’t know if it was ‘I’m a comrade’ or ‘Hang on, Cristina’. Cristina was still outside. I approached the person and said ‘you have it there, don’t you?’ I thought it was a knife because it was shiny.”.

In this way, they were able to record the entire situation.That’s when we realized. We approached Cristina’s people,” he explained. According to his account, one of Cristina Kirchner’s bodyguards asked him and his friend to delete the video.

One of the witnesses said that after the attack on the former president, Sabag Montiel, in “an attempt to escape, kept repeating ‘I’m a comrade'” Photo: Archive

She had an arrest warrant, she was going by taxi to Rada Tilly and was arrested at a police checkpoint

The man indicated that the request was justified by the need for safeguard the information contained in order to protect yourselfor in the way the former president’s entourage handled the information. However, despite the fact that her phone was returned to her, the image of the incident had already spread in the media, since they were also present at the scene.

Besides, Thomas Federico Garciathe activist and councilor of the Frente de Todos (FdT) in a municipality in Buenos Aires revealed how he arrested Sabag Montiel.I started hearing screams about five, six meters away and another person saying specifically ‘He has a gun’. I ran, put my hand under his neck, lifted him up, so to speak, and took him back whilein an attempt to escape, repeated ‘I am a partner’“, he recalled.

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He also explained that in the days before the attack on the Recoleta building where Cristina Kirchner resides, a militant claimed to have been watching the door to protect her. After Sabag Montiel was arrested by the police, this militant returned to the place and received instructions from another colleague about the whereabouts of the weapon used. Then, he looked for the weapon, secured it with his foot and handed it over to the former vice president.

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