Lali Espósito revealed Pedro Rosemblat’s nickname in private and how often they make love

Pedro Rosemblat’s nickname during intimacy with Lali Espósito

During the interview, the diva said that she saw Lali in a bad light in love before Pedro came into her life, to which the singer replied: “Yes, I was screwed.” Immediately afterwards, Lali revealed the affectionate nickname she gave the presenter: “The ‘basic unit’ has arrived.”

Lali shared that they are both very emotional and that they cry together during moments of happiness. “We cry a lot. We are very emotional and we get excited about happiness,” said the former Casi Ángeles.

She also stressed the importance of being aware of happy moments: “We are reconnected with the awareness of ‘Hey, this is a moment of happiness. Right now, drinking this wine, talking to you, looking into your eyes, spending this time or cooking this pasta, I am the happiest person in the world, I feel privileged.’ I am connected to that all the time.”

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Lali Espósito told how often she makes love with Pedro Rosemblat

One of the most talked about moments of the interview was when Lali spoke openly about her sex life with Pedro Rosemblat. The creator of “Disciplina” said that she has sex with her boyfriend on a daily basis, which surprised Moria Casán. “We are very intense,” Lali said.

In a relaxed chat, Moria asked Lali about her plans for the night. “I’m meeting up with Pedrito,” the singer replied, which led Moria to hint that they might have sex. “Most likely,” Lali admitted.

When Moria asked her about the frequency of their intimate encounters, Lali replied with humor: “Intense. He’s seeing my mom, Moria.” The host replied with irony: “Well, your mom had you because of sexual frequency, my love.” Lali concluded: “Almost daily. We are intense people. Young and brave.”

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